Canning Town Butchers Road

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Post to the west Canning Town and Bow Creek

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Butchers Road
Later phases of development, undertaken in the mid-1950s, housing was introduced with flats and maisonettes in blocks grouped around green spaces. This phase the L.C.C mould of loose planning on the ground, preserving some c19 street patterns and introducing patterns to enliven the streetscape
Point blocks introduced, first by West Ham Council c. 1961-4 all of eleven storeys

Chadwin Road
St. Cedd like the continental friars’ church 1938-9 by H O'Neil. Damaged by fire in 1995, derelict 2003.  

Cumberland Road
1a E13 MIX.  Purpose built youth centre, performance space, chill room etc etc

Fife Road,
Keir Hardie Methodist Church, 1960. Contemporary with later phases of Kier Hardie Estate. 

Fords Park Road
Today only example of point blocks UPBA from 1966 remains smaller Borough uncil designed towers have replaced them.
 Lamson Paragon factory.  1893 manufactured a duplicate book for shopkeepers.  Then developed a carbon paper site - carborundum.  And then interleaved continuous stationary  established in London, by amalgamation of the ParGON check Book Co, (established 1886 in the City of London) and Lamson Sire Servcie with how for the Lamson Cash-Ball System throughout Europe and Australia.  1893 built a factory in Canning Town, and overseas 1902 1924 Patent - Improvements in or relating to stamp and like distributing means 1929 Listed Exhibitor - British Industries Fair. Manufacturers of Check Books, Plic Books and Autoplic Books, Numbered Carbon Copy Books and Forms, Continuous Interfold and Fanfold Forms, single and Multiply Rolls, Autographic Registers, Loose-leaf Books, Printed Paper Bags. 

Freemasons Road
In the 1940s redevelopment Attempts were made to retain the traditional shopping centres of the old district along Freemason's Road but these were never very successful.
Freemason’s Estate. point blocks by UPBA of 1966. the notorious eight 23-storey towers built for the London Borough of Newham, using the Larsen-Neilsen system
Ronan Point in which a gas explosion caused partial collapse marked the beginning of a two-decade campaign – which the  towers were demolished but achieved only after 1986.
Admiral’s Reach development replaces the Freemason’s Estate

Newham Way
Canning Town Recreation Ground On the south side of the Beckton Road. Terence MacMillan Stadium.

Radland road
Hallsville primary school. This was agate street and the school is whre 600 or so people will killed in a bo,bing raid because the coavches went to the wrong placve. Sp,me of them may be burie under the school still.

Ravenscroft Way
Approach to high-density housing of the same in the small houses. These used an experimental timber and grid (known as 5M). Designed by A. Winter Cox in association with T.E. North in 1961-4


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