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Thames Tributary Falcon - Wandsworth Common

Thames Tributary Falcon The Falcon and its tributaries flow north and west to the Thames . Post to the north Wandsworth Common Post to the east Balham Posr ro the west Earlsfield Bellevue Road 2 Hope Tavern . Originally the Hope and Anchor of 1849. Burntwood Lane Playing Fields . Land to Broderick Road laid out by 1897 as a cricket field. Birchlands Avenue Falcon – the stream ran down here and met at tributary south of Nightingale Road. Falcon brook Thus was a tributary of the Thames now which is covered over. It was also called Hideborne that is 'stream running through the hide of land'. Nightingale Lane 149 Church of Latter Day Saints . 1950s design, substantial and austere Nottingham Road 5 listed bollards Routh Road 3 home of David Lloyd George 1865-1945. He lived here 1904 – 1908 while he was President of the Board of Trade. Plaque installed 1992. Rushholme Road Falcon - From the meeting point of the tributaries the stream ran down what is now Rushol

Thames Tributary Falcon - Balham

Thames Tributary Falcon The Falcon continues to flow northwards towards Battersea and the Thames Busy urban area with an late 19th and early 20th shopping centre along the A24 with many facilities, churches, temples, mosques, pubs and places of entertainment - an amazing number of ex cinemas..  This replaces big houses and estates which once fronted the main road and there were also once mills here. The station provides an interchange between London Underground's Northern Line and main line services to Brighton and elsewhere. The station was designed by Holden.  This is far from being a fashionable area but is is lively and engaged. Post to the west Wandsworth Common Post to the South Upper Tooting Post to the east Hyde Farm Post to the north Clapham South and Balham Balham The word ‘Balham’ may derive from a Saxon personal name. Balham was never a real village but a small settlement on Roman Stane Street between Clapham and Tooting, overtaken by growth of London in the

Thames Tributary Falcon - Hyde Farm

Thames Tributary Falcon Joined by small tributaries, the stream heads north and west to join another branch Post to the west Balham Post to the south Tooting Bec Common Post to the north Clapham Park Atkins Road Originally part of Cubit development - Clapham Park estate planned from 1825 as an area of large villas La Retraite Convent . Incorporating two of Cubitt's Clapham Park villas of c.1860; additions by L. Stokes, 1908. La Retraite School founded 1880, by "Les Dames De La Retraite" – French sisters from an order founded by Catherine De Francheville in Vannes in 1674. The sisters first bought Oakfield House, owned by the family of Victorian portrait painter, De Lazlo. In 1897, they bought The Oaks since demolished for a chapel and refectory. In 1904, Springfield House was bought from the family of Dan Leno, who had died there, and this is now the Sixth Form Centre. They also bought Burlington House. In 1913, another block and a gym were added. In the 1970s, th

Thames Tributary Falcon - Upper Tooting

Thames Tributary Falcon The Falcon continues to flow in a generally northwards direction Post to the north Balham Post to the east Tooting Bec Common Balham High Road Balham High Road follows the Roman road, Stane Street, coming from Chichester. 176 was South Eastern Gas showroom 207 Mansbridge House stuccoed house 211 Polish White Eagle Club . Victorian Hall Polish community centre. Has a selection of Slavic lagers and vodka and Polish dancing. Plus a Polish restaurant. The club us used by many of Balham's Polish immigrants who settled here after the Second World War 232 Polish Roman Catholic Church , KosciĆ³l Chrystusa –Christ the King in what was Balham Congregational Church. Founded 1879 closed 1972, 268 United Services Club. This was private Balham Grammar School 312 Wimbledon Sewing Machine Company and the London Sewing Machine Museum 314 French's Motor Jobmasters became French's Garage Motor Works Ltd., running lorries and charabancs Ducane Court .

Thames Tributary Falcon - Tooting Bec Common

Thames Tributary Falcon The springs which feed the Falcon flow west and north west Post to the west Upper Tooting Post to the north Hyde Farm Post to the east Leigham Court Abbotswood Road Central area of the Woodfield Estate, built by Wates Streatham and Clapham High School. Originally this was Brixton Hill High School, and moved to a building currently in use by the Junior Department in Wavertree Road. Renamed Streatham Hill High School. In 1938 it merged with Clapham High School, and in 1944 the school was bombed. In 1994 the school took on the present site which had been in use by other schools. The school was renamed as Streatham and Clapham High School Battersea Grammar School. This was established in 1875 as a development from Sir Walter St John's School. The original school building was on St John's Hill, Battersea but in 1935 the LCC offered them a site here in a new building designed by J. E. K. Harrison, FRIBA, and a former pupil. In 1977 it became compreh

Thames Tributary Falcon - Leigham Court

Thames Tributary Falcon The Falcon rises from springs in this area – two separate sources, one flowing west towards Tooting Common and one north west towards Balham Post to the east Knight's Hill Post to the south Streatham Post to the west Tooting Bec Common Amesbury Avenue Leigham Court estate, largely maisonettes. Built in the 1880s by the Artisans, Labourers and General Dwellings Co. and now a conservation area. 262 John Company Barcombe Avenue Leigham Court estate , largely maisonettes. 1880s Artisans, Labourers, and General Dwellings Co. now conservation area. St.Margaret. Built 1889-07 by Rowland Plumbe & Harvey and now listed. It is red brook with two turrets. Inside is a carved reredos by W. D. Caroe, 1908, showing the early history of the church in Britain. The parish was formed in 1901. Bellassis Avenue Housing by London Coastal Counties Conifer Gardens Woodbourne . A tributary to the Falcon Brook has a source near Conifer Gardens and was called

Thames Tributary Effra - Vauxhall and riverside

T hames Tributary Effra The Effra flowed into the Thames in this area Post to the east Kennington Post to the north Lambeth Post to the west Nine Elms Post to the south Stockwell Aldebert Terrace This area was known as the 32 Acres or the Pightle and developed in the mid-19th. It is an example of Victorian terrace housing, built between 1865 and 1875. Earlier known as Williamson Street after one of the family of owners. Albert Square A grand scheme 1846-, by John Glenn. Built on what was market garden land in the mid-19th Ashmole Street Named after Elias Ashmole, 1617-92, founder of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford who lived in Lambeth. This was previously Church Street. 84 The Roebuck Ashmole Primary School. This was a London School Board building Triangle Adventure Playground Bondway This was previously called Bond Street but was any case named for an 18th landowner, John Bond. Rowton House . Established by W.C.Corry Baron Rowton, Secretary to Disraeli, as cheap ho