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Decoy Brook - Temple Fortune

Decoy Brook The Decoy Brook flows north west and west towards the River Brent. Post to the east Hampstead Garden Village Post to the north Henley's Corner Post to the south Golders Green Post to the west Brent Street Brent Park Alongside the river Brent. The pond is the Decoy and was a duck decoy built for a manor house owned by the abbey of Westminster. Artificial channels were dug and narrowed into pipes with a net at the end. Dogs called pipers would chase the ducks until they were trapped. There were only 200 of these in the country. Bridge Lane Carmelite Monastery . This was built for a formal order of nuns some of whom had come to Britain in the late 19th.   This Monastery was founded in 1908 for sisters of the Primitive rule who had previously been at Isleworth. This was an enclosed contemplative order. The buildings were designed by D. Powell of Sinnott, Sinnott and Powel with two storeys in brick set back from the road behind a tall brick boundary wall with i

Decoy Brook - Golders Green

Decoy Brook The brook flows north west towards the River Brent Post to the east Golders Green Post to the north Temple Fortune Post to the west Brent Cross Post to the south Child's Hill Accommodation Road Service road at the back of Golders Green Road shops. It has granite setts Basing Hill Park This is a small park laid out as a recreation ground in 1936. It is grass, trees, tarmac paths and tennis courts Dunstan Road United Synagogue . The first synagogue opened in the area. It was d esigned, by Digby Solomon, and begun in 1921 for a congregation which had first met in 1915. The main hall was completed 1925 by Ernest Joseph, who added the entrance portico, vestibule and classrooms. It is a plain brick building with a dignified classical interior with panelled galleries on three sides. Joseph Freedman Hall , built 1939 Elmcroft Avenue Bridge carrying the Northern Line extension of 1922. A skew steel girder bridge it is the longest on the extension at 129 ft 6 inc

Decoy Brook - Golders Green

Decoy Brook The Decoy Brook flows south west and north west Post to the north Hampstead Garden Suburb Post to the east Spaniards Post to the west Golders Green Post to the south Golders Hill Accommodation Road Laid with granite setts. Service road at the back of shops, with some industrial units The water main from Kempton Park crosses here Britten Close Built on the site of tennis courts at the back end of the railway works Chandos Way Chandos Tennis Club . This began in 1922 in Neasden. In 1931 a school sports ground was found in Wellgarth Road and the Club was incorporated on 1934. Corringham Court A three storey block of flats designed by Cowper in 1933. Two arched tunnels lead to a large rear garden with York stone paths and lawn. The grass embankment shields the flats from the underground train sidings and works. Corringham Road 16-90 101-117 Parker and Unwin 73 -79 this closed the view along Rotherwick Road and buildings are raised on an embankment. Design

Decoy Brook - Spaniards

Decoy Brook Decoy Brook rises in Turners Wood and flows into the ponds of the Hampstead Heath Extension. Post to the north Hampstead Garden Suburb Post to the west Golders Green Post to the east not done Post to the south Hampstead Heath Bishops Avenue Arden Court Gardens , group of houses a well-landscaped group of smaller houses of the 1980s; steep, wide-eaved roofs over squarish houses with cut-away corners. 52 Kenstead Hall . This is a mini stately home with Hollywood half timbering. A Neo-Tudor mini-stately home of the 1920s. It is owned by King Fadh of Saudi Arabia. His father, King Khaled bought it from the shipping mogul Ravi Tikkoo in 1976. Tikkoo had added a cricket pitch and an orangery. There is also a stable block with a cupola. 54 Oak Lodge . Built 1927. Restrained 56 Barons Court . Built in 1900. In red brick with huge Tuscan portico. Wyldewood . Built in 1926. Now divided into two as Fernwood. 58 Murtaza , originally called Kenmore. Built 1896 but remodelled