Folly Brook - Totteridge Green

Folly Brook - Darlands
Folly Brook flows east

Post to the west Totteridge Fields
Post to the east Totteridge Lane
Post to the south Frith

Darlands Lake,
The lake was formed by damming Folly Brook which is considered having been with advice from Humphrey Repton. It was possibly used as a duck decoy.  The Lake was originally in the grounds of Copped Hall which stood to the north in Totteridge Village .This is now a Nature Reserve and the dam at the eastern tip has recently been renewed. The lake lies at the centre of a thickly wooded belt. With many mature oaks, conifers, willow, holly and rhododendron. At either end of the lake the brook runs through stone and brick-work culverts. A perimeter path encircles it with a derelict 20th boathouse on the south-western bank.

Totteridge Green West Side
Green Lodge. A former lodge to Copped Hall, 19th Gothic Weatherboarded house
Lloyds Cottage. House by T E Collcutt, 1899.

Totteridge Village
St.Andrew’s School. Rebuilt in 1939.
The Orange Tree Pub.  The building is said to date from the early  19th

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Smyth. Citywildspace,
Pevsner and Cherry.  London North


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