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Yeading Brook - North Harrow Station

Yeading Brook The brook flows south west Post to the north Pinner Park Post to the west Harrow Garden Village Post to the east West Harrow Station Post to the south not done Canterbury Road Built on the field called Hooken Green.   Houses built by Cutler in 1914 have four tiles grouped as a diamond as his logo. Farm Avenue The site on the corner of Imperial Drive has a large site which appears to be some sort of electrical sub station, but with elaborate street side buildings, large sheds inside the site and a pylon.   It appears to date from the late 1930s- mid 1940s, and the cable run which includes the pylon dates from considerably before this. Hooking Green The original name for the area now known as North Harrow. The area however covered by this green appears to have been only fields – in this case called Lower Hungerlands Imperial Close 80 St John Fisher .   Built in a Romanesque style. In 1935, as the population grew it was decided to form a new Roman Catholic p

Yeading Brook - Pinner Park

Yeading Brook The Yeading Brook flows south east and south west Post to the north Headstone Lane Post to the south North Harrow Post to the west Pinner Post to the east Harrow Headston e George V Avenue This is now the A404 - re-signed as this in the 1980s to bypass Pinner Village. Headstone Lane Headstone Manor Recreation Ground . This is a remnant of the medieval Headstone Estate, worked as a farm until the 1920s.   The recreation ground area was sold to Hendon Rural District Council in 1925 and became Headstone Park in 1928. Headstone Copse, is in the south east corner and fenced off, it has mature oaks and is thought to have been used for pannage. There is old hedgerow along the east side. The Yeading Brook runs through it. Melbourne Avenue Playing fields Pinner Park First School Pinner Park Middle School Pinner Road Nower Hill High School - Headstone School was built in 1929 by Middlesex County Council. But the original red brick building was soon joined by a s

Yeading Brook - Headstone Lane

Yeading Brook The Brook rises in Pinner Park and flows southwards Post to the south Pinner Park Post to the north Hatch End Post to th west Pinner Bridleway Harrow Garden Centre . This was farm land and During World War II it allotments which remained until the late 1960s, when it became a nursery and then a garden centre. Harrow St. Marys Cricket Club . The club was founded in 1881 and originally played on Harrow Hill as the cricket team of St Mary's Church on Harrow on the Hill. In 1901 the club was re-launched.   They played in Harrow, suffering a fire in which they lost all past memorabilia, until 2009 when they moved here onto the Old Millhillians Ground. Old Millhillians Rugby Club . The club dates from 1878 Raguvanshi Charitable Trust Hall . Opened in 1975 as a centre for religious and social activities for the Lohanna community. Broadfields Parkfield House . Care home run by Willow Housing and Care Housing Association Broadfields Sports & Social Club .

River Brent. Brentford

This is riverside  Brentford east of the dock. An engaging area of this old riverside and industrial town. It demonstrates a time when  the riverside here was all either industry or pubs - much of it very long established. There were churches - one became a the musical museum and a major gas works. This section only covers the square for the area north of the river. The post south of the river is Kew Gardens and Green Post to the west Brentford Post to the east Strand on the Green River Brent The Brent discharges into the Thames Bangor Road This road is now under a new development, apparently called Thameside Centre which consists of flats and offices Spring Grove Steam Laundry in the 1930s preceded by a bleach works Ferry Lane St. Paul's or Ferry Lane almshouses , at the corner of High Street. They dated from 1811 and were unendowed. There were seven of them and they were demolished in 1949 4 Built in 1720 with 20th alterations. The main front faces the river

River Brent. Brentford

River Brent The Brent flows south eastwards as part of the Grand Union Canal, and diverges into a number of channels and docks as it approaches the Thames TQ 17802 77348 This square covers an important part of Brentford where the Brent and the Grand Union Canal arrive at Brunel's Brentford Dock. This was an area with an enormous amount of industry and activity.  As with the rest of Brentford there were also an enormous number of pubs. Some of the old part of the town have buildings relating to when this was major town in Middlesex, and also to the Civil War battle that was fought in these streets. Post to the east Brentford  and Kew Gardens and Green Post to the west Syon Lane Post to the south Kew Gardens West  and Syon Park Post to the north Little Ealing Albany Place Modern housing in an old court. It was named for, and the site of the Albany C Chapel opened 1829 by Independent Congregationalists, and was open intermittently through the 19 th .    By the 1890s it was