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Stonebridge Brook - Haringey

Stonebridge Brook The Stonebridge Brook flows eastwards through the area The Hermitage Brook rises in this area and flows eastwards Gospel Oak to Barking Railway The Gospel Oak to Barking Railway runs northeastwards from Crouch Hill Station and onwards from Haringay Green Lanes Station. Post to the west Crouch End Post to the east St.Ann's Road Post to the south Finsbury Park Allison Road. Stone Bridge brook flowed from Weston Park to this area, until diverted by the railway depot. It passed under the Carriage Drive of Haringey House and was crossed by the original route of the New River. Haringey House built in 1792 on a site which was between this and Beresford road on the summit of the hill. It replaced a Tudor mansion. Given the name of Haringey House. The estate was sold for development in the 1880s. New River. Old course ran north of the present course to half way along.   It then ran south to present course in Warham Road Cavendish Road St.Paul’s Chur

Waterworks River - Blackhorse Lane

Flood Relief Channel The Flood Relief Channel, Waterworks River, flows southwards Gospel Oak to Barking Railway The Railway running from South Tottenha Station goes north eastwards TQ 35756 89389 An area mainly taken up with reservoirs. Blackhorse Lane and Road are on the east side of the square with some 19th and 20th century housing - but with many old and interesting industrial sites - buses, batteries, toys, luggage, scientific instruments, aromatics, agricultural machinery, dry cleaning - it is a long and impressive list. Post to the north Lockwood Reservoir Post to the west Tottenham Hale Post to the south Coppermills Post to the east Walthamstow Blackhorse Lane Original name was Werdestreete. Saxon Road from north Walthamstow to Lea Bridge.   Black House stood in the road in the 18 th , on the site of the Clock House, and was bought by the Warner family. Recorded as ‘Black Horse Lane’ but also ‘Block House Lane’ or ‘Black House Lane’. Higham Hill Lodge . House

Lee, Pymmes, Moselle - Tottenham Hale

River Lee, Pymmes Brook, Moselle River The River Lee and the Lea Navigation continue to flow southwards, and are met from the north east by Pymmes Brook.   Moselle River flows in a convoluted course south and east – and is here called the ‘old’ Moselle Gospel Oak to Barking Railway The Gospel Oak to Barking Railway running from South Tottenham Station goes north eastwards Post to the north Tottenham Post to the east Blackhorse Lane Post to the south Markhouse Post to the west Tottenham Antill Road Holy Trinity Lutheran Church built for a group of six young German bakers. In the early 1890’s a group of German Lutheran immigrants six young German bakers wrote to Concordia Seminary in Missouri, asking for a pastor. Initially this was in Camden. In 1898 a second preaching station and Sunday School was established which developed into a congregation and in 1900 they opened a Christian Day School, and a church at 53 Antill Road. Ashley Road Lee Valley Technopark 18 Re

Moselle River - Tottenham

Moselle River The Moselle is joined by the Lesser Moselle from the North West and flows north eastwards and then turns abruptly south. Post to the south Tottenham Post to the west White Hart Lane Post to the north Tanners End Allington Avenue Locally authority housing with a semi-circle of dwellings at the northern end surmounted by a clock tower. Altair Close Stellar House . 19 storey 1960s block court Beaufoy Road 39-51 Sir William Staines’ Almshouses founded in St.Giles Cripplegate and moved here in 1868. Houses arranged a secluded garden, with metal boundary railings and gates.   They were originally built in 1868 by Sir William Staines, a former Lord Mayor as Alderman Staines Almshouses. The Cripplegate almshouses were demolished in 1864 for the Metropolitan Railway line. There is a central plaque with the arms and name of the benefactor. William Atkinson House . Post war flats following Second World War bombing William Rainbird House . Set behind a grassed co