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Post to the north New Cross Post to the east Lewisham Post to the south Crofton Park Adelaide Avenue Much of this area was built up in the early 20th century by Bridge House estates. St Margaret’s Square this area of green space stands in front of houses as an amenity area Arica Road Playground next to Macmillan House with murals alongside Ashby Mews Graham Platna Co. Ltd , Ashby Works. Electro Plating. There are now flats on this site. Ashby Works was extant in the 1950s. Beverley Court In 1189 the  manor of Brockley was given to a Premonstratensian Abbey the buildings of which were sited here. In  1205 they moved to Bayham Abbey but kept the Brockley holdings until 1526. The foundations of some of the buildings here were discovered during 19th buildings at Manor Farm in Wickham Road. Brockley Cross This road junction appears to run from the junction of Geoffrey Road sand Upper Brockley and to the junction with Coulgate Streets.  In the middle ages it was an unn

West Humble

Post to the north Mickleham Post to the east Burford Bridge Adlers Lane Ancient lane running at a diagonal between Chapel Lane and what is now the A24 which ran through what was once the centre of a medieval village. It has been suggested that this is part of the original Pilgrims Way. It was built up with modern up market housing since the 1940s. It terminates at a gate leading into Gravel Pit Plantation. The lane used to continue across the railway to the main road.  There is now no trace of the lane east of the railway.  Adler is the name of a house here. Gravel Pit Plantation. This was planted with trees until the 1920s Bradley Lane The lane is now set up as the entrance to the Denbies Wine Estate, with car parks, signage, etc. It passes through fields which are now vineyards. The section leading to a junction with the A24 has now been diverted southwards. Bradley Farm . Bradley farm is now the visitors’ centre of the Denbies wine estate. The farmhouse itself is used f