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Moselle River - Crouch End

Moselle River Tributaries to the Moselle flow north and eastwards Stonebridge Brook rises in this area and flows eastwards TQ 30413 88535 Post to the west Crouch End Post to the north Hornsey Post to the east Haringey Post to the south Crouch Hill Aubrey Road The Stonebridge Brook flowed north to here and then turned east Bourne Road A water source in this road augmented the Stonebridge Brook which turned north to Aubrey Road. Broadway Stonebridge Brook probably rises to the rear of the Town Hall. This is at a low point in the area and it is known that a lake and a lake villa once stood here. Site of Crouch Hall . This was a house built around 1820 which stood in the area where the clock tower stands at the crossroads today – but on the west side of the road. In 1847 it was the home of an iron master, William Bird.   It was demolished in 1888. Site of Topsfield Hall .   This Georgian mansion was the home of the Lord of the Manor of Topsfield.   It was a late 18t

Moselle River - Archway

Moselle River The Cholmeley Brook tributary flows north and east Here the A1 road climbs on one of its several bypasses up and out of the City on its way to Scotland. The legendry version of Dick Whittington was here and a vast hospital complex and other institutions were named for him. Housing lies on either side of the road - council estates in Islington, posher housing towards Highgate. Post to the north Crouch End Post to the west Highgate Post to the east Crouch Hill Square to the south is four posts Archway to the north west Upper Holloway to the north east Tufnel Park to the south east Upper Holloway to the south east Archway Road This could be claimed as the first great by-pass road. It branched off the Great North Road at the Archway Tavern to avoid the the steep climb of 400 ft up to Highgate Village. In 1813, plans were made to tunnel through difficult clay below the summit of the hill. A new road was to go by tunnel through the hill for about three hun

Moselle River - Highgate

Moselle River A number of tributaries to the Moselle rise in this area and generally flow eastwards as the Cholmeley Brook Post to the north Highgate Post to the west not done Post to the east Archway Post to the south Dartmouth Park Angel Yard Cottages and mews buildings in the old stable yard of the Angel Inn. There are granite setts and a coach house which was open-sided with a workshop in the roof plus stables and accommodation. It has been converted to flats and a fitness studio. Archway Road Cholmeley Brook – the brook crossed archway road from Causton Road – and work in the 19 th to culvert it may have led to later subsidence. Many of the buildings on this stretch have been owned by the Department of Transport and subsequently sold to property companies Cholmeley Evangelical Church. In 1886 as ‘Christians who assemble at the Cholmeley Mission’ met over a shop at in Archway Road. Money was given by Mr. Boake and a church for the brethren built at no. 272. The chu