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Duke of Northumberland's River. North Feltham

Duke of Northumberland’s River Duke of Northumberland’s River flows north eastwards Post to the north Hatton Post to the west Hatton Road Post to the east Baber Bridge Post to the south Feltham Dukes Green Avenue 2-3 Courts for the Asylum and Immigration Service Tribunals . Harlington Road West Feltham Lodge . In use by Age Concern. This is a replacement for the original Lodge which was built between 1754 and 1800 for John Cole Steele. That building was demolished and the present lodge built in the late 1880s. The Calen Centre . Disabled Living Centre in what was the Coach House. The building dates from around 1800. Fagg's Road Hatton Urban Farm .   Created in 1990 on the site of the old Borough parks’ nursery.   London’s largest community farm with an approved rare breeds farm. Hatton Nursery. The Lodge remains in use by the Urban Farm. This was a local authority site. 101 Fire Station . This was built in 1961 to a Middlesex County Council design. The site is sha

Duke of Northumberland's River Hatton Road

Duke of Northumberland’s River. Longford River The duke of Northumberland’s River flows eastwards The Longford River flows south eastwards Post to the west East Bedfont Post to the east North Feltham Post to  the north Hatton Cross Cains Lane Land in Cains Lane was opened as a private airfield by Fairey Aviation in 1929. This was initially Harmondsworth Aerodrome but later called the Great Western Aerodrome.  This was requisitioned in 1944, along with much surrounding land, by the Air Ministry  but was never complete. It was handed to the Civil Aviation Authority in 1946.  A control tower for Very Heavy Transport Stations being the only completed structure. Thus began Heathrow. Plesman House . Airline offices Gate to open land to the north of nature conservation interest Hatton This Domesday village is now largely a service area for the airport. The name means ‘farmstead on the heath'. Hatton Road Greville House . This was also used as Bedfont Community Centre. T

Duke of Northumberland's River, Longford River, East Bedfont

The Duke of Northumberland’s River, Longford River. East Bedfont The Duke of Northumberland's River flows eastwards along the line of the Perimeter Road. The Longford River flows eastwards along the line of the Perimeter Road. It diverts to the south east at Two Bridges Hotels and suburbs adjacent to Heathrow Airport Post to the west Terminal Four Post to the east Hatton Road Great South West Road This is the A315 which follows part of the original line of the Roman Road from the West Country to London. The road starts at the Clockhouse Roundabout the point where the A30 leaves the Roman route continued by the Great South West Road built in 1925. Hatton Road Bridges over the Duke of Northumberland’s River and the Longford River. Known as Two Bridges Heathrow Airport This square covers the south east corner of the airport – including the eastern section of Terminal Four. Marriott Close 2 Two Bridges Day Centre New Road Bedfont Public Hall . Built by the Bedf

Duke of Northumberland's River. Longford

Duke of Northumberland’s River The River flows south and then turns west to follow the airport perimeter Post to the north Harmondsworth Post to the west Longford Bath Road 485 Margaret Cassidy House . Originally owned by Ealing Family Housing Association but subsequently sold and used as a homeless people’s hostel.   539 Orchard Cottage. Painted brick cottage with weatherboarding. Timber-framed building with 16th front bay. Probably once part of a larger building 550 Longford Close . Mid 18th red brick house Longford Cottage Timber-framed cottage 16 th 561 Yeomans .   16 th building with exposed timber framing, and brick filling. Irregular windows. Divided into flats. The Stables . Mock Tudor Phoenix House . Mock Tudor Premier Inn Heathrow Abbey Business Centre Thistle London Heathrow Hotel Springhealth Leisure . This is part of the Thistle Hotel Northern Perimeter Road Heathrow Airport . The area covered by this square is largely operational Sources British

River Colne, Duke of Northumberland's River. Harmondsworth

River Colne, Duke of Northumberland’s River The Duke of Northumberland’s River and the River Colne flow southwards Post to the north West Drayton Post to the west Harmondsworth Post to the south Longford Acacia Mews Built in the gardens of Acacia House Accommodation Lane The Lane now meets and becomes Tarmac Way. The old course of the road, Old Accommodation Lane, is a footpath to the west. Bath Road London Hong Kong Restaurant . This is a former four storey office building. The restaurant chain originated in central London. Blondell Close Modern houses. Cambridge Close Cambridge House stood in this area until after the Second World War Colnbrook by-pass. Opened in 1929. British Telecom Computer Centre . Four storey data centre building plus workshop for BT vehicles. Dates from 1984 Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre . Opened in 2004. It is modelled on a high security, Category B criminal prison with wings running into a central area. Sheraton Heathrow .

Duke of Northumberland’s River, River Colne, Wraysbury River, Frays River West Drayton

Duke of Northumberland’s River, River Colne, Wraysbury River, Frays River The River Colne flows southwards. It is joined by Frays River from the east. The Wraysbury River leaves it to the west. The Duke of Northumberland’s River begins as a cut off the Colne and leaves it to the east. Post to the west Thorney Post to the north West Drayton Post to the south Harmondsworth Cricketfield Road Anglers Retreat Pub . Where some interesting nascent bands have played. Bailey bridge on the site of an earlier ford Colne Park . Caravan and Travellers site. It has 20 pitches with individual amenities blocks that include a kitchen, bathing facilities and a toilet. Cricket ground . The records of West Drayton Cricket Club date from 1882: with a star player in the 1930's. In the 21 st the ground is unused and pavilion derelict. Donkey Lane Scrap yards Duke of Northumberland’s River Also called the Isleworth Mill River, even in this area Drayton Point This marks confluence of

River Crane Hounslow Beavers

River Crane The Crane flows south eastwards TQ 11460 75726 Housing on what was the area of Hounslow Barracks and other military buildings with some of the surrounding facilities for families there. Post to the west Hatton Post to the south Baber Bridge Post to the north Heston  Cavalry  Barracks Arundel Road Beavers Community Primary School .   Built for the new estate’s residents in the 1950s. Many pupils came from military families stationed at Hounslow barracks and thus had only a brief stay. Barrack Road This is crossed by the water main from Kempton Park at the corner of Cardington Square, where is disappears underground. Beavers Crescent Built as housing for military families. This has now been taken over and renovated as local authority housing Beavers Lane Beavers’ the name is a corruption of ‘Babers’; Upper and Lower Babers were fields here. The Beaver . Closed. Estate pub. Beavers Farm .   This stood near the area where Salisbury Road meet the lane and s

River Crane - Hatton

River Crane The Crane flows south eastwards Post to the north Cranford Post to the east Beavers Post to the south North Feltham Post to the west Hatton Cross Donkey Wood In this northern part of the wood are mounds which would have been blast walls against explosions in explosives sites Earhart Way Leads from the airport to the British Airways Training facility and the Haslemere Heathrow Trading Estate Eastern Perimeter Road Perishable Handling Facility . Temperature controlled warehousing plus a border inspection post. Opened in 1988 it handles vegetables, fresh fruit and flowers. Faggs Road Temple Hatton . This was a country house in the bend in the road. It was owned by Frederick Pollock, lawyer and baronet. In 1899 it was sold and became St.Anthony's Home. St Anthony’s home . This was a Roman Catholic orphanage, sold in 1958 Girling Way Eastern Balancing reservoir . Providing for a irport runoff, flow balancing and fire-fighting aeration Reservoir Fire Pu

River Crane Cranford

River Crane The Crane continues to flow south   TQ 10280 76864 Suburban area along the old Bath Road Post to the north Cranford Post to the south Hatton Bath Road 618 Jolly Waggoner. Big roadhouse style pub. 680 Cranford College . It appears to be built on the site of a pool which was in the grounds of Meadowbank 686 Meadowbank Adult Education Centre . Opened 2010.   It had previously been a community centre. It is either on, or close to, the site of the Speedbird Club – and the site of Meadowbank House. 700 Travel Lodge hotel Milestone . 18 th outside the Travel Lodge in the pavement, 745 Berkeley Arms Hotel .   When the Bath Road was widened the hotel was rebuilt in 1932 on a much grander scale. It was noted for a Florentine restaurant and dance floor. It is now part of the Ramada Hotel 804 Europa House . This block dates from the 1960s. Site of the Church of the Holy Angels . This was accessed from a path off the Bath Road. It began as a chapel of ease in the 19 t

River Crane - Cranford

River Crane The Crane continues to flow south TQ 10977 77779 Parkland and facilities around the old Bath Road and the village of Cranford Post to the north Cranford le Mote Post to the south Cranford Avenue Park The park was part of the grounds of Avenue House.   It is on the other side of the River Crane from Cranford Park. The area was requisitioned in the Second World War and was subsequently handed to Heston and Isleworth Borough Council which laid it out as a public park in 1952, with a rest garden and children's playground. In the north is a wooded area, with trees bordering the river.   There was once an avenue of oak trees, some of which were grown from acorns taken from the crops of pheasants shot by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Three of these oak trees remained in 1952. A plaque about this was on an arch in the grounds, which was demolished. Avenue House . This was an 18th house demolished in 1949. It was home to John Graham, a barrister friend of artist George

River Crane - Cranford le Mote

River Crane The Crane continues to flow south   TQ 09983 78446 Cranford Park and church and much of the old village - trapped between the M4 and the airport. Some industrial buildings to the north Post to the north Bulls Bridge Post to the south Cranford Carfax Road Maurice Child Hall Memorial Hall . Maurice Child was rector of St. Dunstan’s in 1935.   He was known as the Playboy of the Western Church Church Lane The Hartlands . Travellers’ site. This was originally an itinerant site which was licensed in 1968 and had approximately twenty plots 1 The Old   Rectory . This is an 18 th building with a 19 th front in brick but with a timber-framed wing. . According to tradition it was once a farm-house. In 1939 the Air Ministry bought it for a proposed extension to Heston airport and in 1958 this land was acquired by the Ministry of Transport. The building is thus no longer within Cranford Park as it was cut off when the M4 was built. It is now in use as day nursery. Cra