River Crane - Hatton

River Crane
The Crane flows south eastwards

Post to the north Cranford
Post to the east Beavers
Post to the south North Feltham
Post to the west Hatton Cross

Donkey Wood
In this northern part of the wood are mounds which would have been blast walls against explosions in explosives sites

Earhart Way
Leads from the airport to the British Airways Training facility and the Haslemere Heathrow Trading Estate

Eastern Perimeter Road
Perishable Handling Facility. Temperature controlled warehousing plus a border inspection post. Opened in 1988 it handles vegetables, fresh fruit and flowers.

Faggs Road
Temple Hatton. This was a country house in the bend in the road. It was owned by Frederick Pollock, lawyer and baronet. In 1899 it was sold and became St.Anthony's Home.
St Anthony’s home. This was a Roman Catholic orphanage, sold in 1958

Girling Way
Eastern Balancing reservoir. Providing for airport runoff, flow balancing and fire-fighting aeration
Reservoir Fire Pump House
Sunlife Trading Estate

Great South West Road
A30 – The road from London to Lands End. This section built in 1925.  Dockwell Lane – the road follows the line of this road on this route west of the junction with Parkway
Dockwell Isolation Hospital, This was opened in the 1890s by Heston & Isleworth Urban District Council.  There was a scandal in 1895 about conditions there and a new hospital was built at Mogden.  The Dockwell Hospital was kept for smallpox epidemics, when staff would be sent there from Mogden.  Otherwise it was empty.  As smallpox became rarer in 1921 some of the buildings were sold by auction an agreement was made to send patients to the Surrey Smallpox Hospital. In 1928 it was reopened for ten smallpox patients and, in 1930 for diphtheria patients. It closed in 1935.
Heathrow Causeway Trading Estate
Church of the Good Shepherd. Built as part of the Beavers Estate in the early 1950s. It was funded using money saved by not rebuilding the bombed church of St John's Wapping

Green Lane
Heathrow International Trading Estate
Wallbrook Business Centre

Green Man Lane
Green Man Pub.  Dates from the late 18th and was the haunt of highwaymen
Glazing mill – this lay beyond the end of the lane up to the 1890s.  Glazing is a process used by some gunpowder manufacturers. The Bedfont Gunpowder Mills lay to the south.  Some brickwork and ruins remain.

Southern Balancing reservoir.
Providing for airport runoff, flow balancing and fire-fighting aeration.

St. Anthony’s Way
Industrial and service buildings on the site of St.Anthony’s Home.

The Causeway
Divides the two balancing reservoirs

Viking Centre
This centre housed numerous training schools, stores and facilities for British Airways

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