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North London Line - Gospel Oak

The North London Line (ex Hampstead Junction Railway) curves north west from Kentish Town West and runs westward from Gospel Oak Station Post to the north Dartmouth Park Post to the west  Belsize Park Post to the east Tufnel Park Post in the square to the south Camden Market , Kentish Town West  and Camden Railway Goods Arctic Street Used to be Franklin Street, named after 19th builder Carlton Chapel House , flats built 1983 designed by Christopher Dean Associates for the Tenants' Association. Brown’s Lane Where the cows from Brown’s Dairy in Camden grazed. Carkers Lane Highgate Studios . Studio spaces for a collection of arts and other organizations. Read Brothers . In 1883 acquired an acre of land here and built an export bottling premises plus a laboratory. This was a crenallated building with a Gothic tower and a spire. They produced 50,000 bottles per week and in 1906 were the largest buyers and bottlers of Bass Ale in the world, all sold for export. By 1913 they had increa