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Effingham Junction

Banks Lane Bridle path leading through woodland to a railway crossing and farm Effingham Common This is an area of wide open space and low sporadic woodland. This is a registered Common with four named properties retaining historic Commoners ‘rights to graze animals and collect wood across the Common. The largest area is open space which has wetland grazing and unimproved grassland. Other sections have scrub woodland, and ornamental planting along Effingham Common Road.  The majority of the Common is owned by Guildford Borough Council but some is owned by Effingham Parish Council, private individuals, or groups of residents. There are two ponds and there was once a tea hut Effingham Common road Lower Farm . 17th farmhouse Norwood Farm . 16th hall house and 17th tithe barn Howard Road Effingham Junction Station . Opened in 1888 by the London and South Western Railway it lies between Bookham and also Cobham and Stoke D’Abernon on South Western Rail. It is actually at the junct

Eastcote Station

Post to the north Eastcote Post to the east Rayners Lane Post to the south South Ruislip Post to the west Ruislip Manor Station Aragon Drive Entrance road t o an estate where the road names are all ‘Tudor”. Beaulieu Drive Avanti House . Avanti Schools Trust owns a series of Hindu schools.  This is one of their Secondary schools, with an address in Stanmore. Pinner High School. This was originally Pinner County School. Thus was built in 1937 on the site of Downs Farm, The building was typical of the reduced art deco style of the time. A new gym block was built in 1968. Until 1982 the school was successively Pinner County School, Pinner County Grammar School and Pinner Sixth Form College. Many ex pupils have become famous in the world of music, theatre and sport. In 1982 it was sold to Heathfield School. This was a Girls' Day School Trust private school; they too undertook major building works. Heathfield closed in 2014 and merged with Northwood College. The site is now Pi

Clapham South and Balham Hill

Post to the north Clapham Common Post to the east Clapham Park Post to the south Balham Post to the west Wandsworth Common Balham Hill Buildings began to be constructed here following on from the development of Clapham in the late 18th. 14 Gateway Hotel  16 The Avalon . This was previously The George described as ‘spectacularly grotty’. It has since had a makeover. Once a coaching inn it is probably the oldest pub in the area 12 Majestic Wine Warehouse. This is on the site of Balham Odeon which was opened 1938. It was built for and operated by the Oscar Deutsch chain of Odeon Theatres Ltd. and designed by George Coles with a symmetrical streamlined exterior in cream faience and it stood out with a red neon Odeon sign illuminated on both sides and the building outlined in green neon. Inside there was a lavish foyer, 'welcoming' stairs to the circle and cafe with daylight let in to the circle foyer. It closed in 1972 but reopened as the Liberty Cinema in 1974 showing Asian f