Effingham Junction

Banks Lane
Bridle path leading through woodland to a railway crossing and farm

Effingham Common
This is an area of wide open space and low sporadic woodland. This is a registered Common with four named properties retaining historic Commoners ‘rights to graze animals and collect wood across the Common. The largest area is open space which has wetland grazing and unimproved grassland. Other sections have scrub woodland, and ornamental planting along Effingham Common Road.  The majority of the Common is owned by Guildford Borough Council but some is owned by Effingham Parish Council, private individuals, or groups of residents. There are two ponds and there was once a tea hut

Effingham Common road
Lower Farm. 17th farmhouse
Norwood Farm. 16th hall house and 17th tithe barn

Howard Road
Effingham Junction Station. Opened in 1888 by the London and South Western Railway it lies between Bookham and also Cobham and Stoke D’Abernon on South Western Rail. It is actually at the junction of the New Guildford Line, from Waterloo to Guildford, and the line from Leatherhead, which runs to Waterloo via Epsom. for many years it was the terminus for trains from Epsom direction and had a seven-road carriage shed south of the station to allow empty trains to be reversed and stabled, This is now used by Colas Rail as a maintenance base for Network Rail track machines

British Listed Buildings
Guildford  Council. Web site
Penguin. Surrey
Wikipedia. Effingham Junction Station.


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