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Riverside - south of the River,. west of the Tower. Nine Elms

Riverside - south of the River,. west of the Tower. Nine Elms Post to the east Vauxhall and Riverside Post to the west Battersea - power/dogs/park Post to the north Battersea Wandsworth Road Ascalon Street Previously named Cross Street and renamed in the late 19th the road is said to be named after the biblical town of Ashequelon, where Samson slew the Philistines. Rose Clubroom and Community Centre 1 Duke of Cornwall pub . Now demolished Battersea Park Road  This square covers only a short stretch of the road between Stewart’s Lane and Kirtling Street. This was formerly Lower Wandsworth Road, the old route from Nine Eels to Battersea Village Public baths. These were built by Battersea Council in 1901. It was seen as a very dirty area and in need of this facility. The design was by Francis J. Smith, ‘in the Renaissance style. It had a huge swimming bath with galleries so it could be used for other entertainments. There was a reading room, women’s slipper baths and men’s a

Riverside west of the Tower south bank - Lambeth

Riverside west of the Tower south bank - Lambeth Post to the north Lambeth Riverside Post to the south Vauxhall and Riverside Post to the east Kennington - Newington Butts Albert Embankment The riverside road here was Fore Street which was effectively destroyed by the building of the Albert Embankment. Buildings in Fore Street – pre 1860s – are listed under 'Fore Street' below, to avoid an overlong list and confusion. The embankment  was built out of the original shoreline in 1866-9 under Bazalgette to take the southern low-level sewer from Putney.  Bazalgette's Assistant Engineer, John Grant, was supervisor, the contractor was William Webster and it was opened in 1868. It was named after Prince Consort. The embankment itself is a grey granite wall – apart from a short concrete section. Lamp standards . There are 28 cast iron standards with entwined pairs of dolphins around a fluted, wreathed column with globular lamp holder and crown. The bases of the columns have

Riverside - south of the river and west of fhe Tower Lambeth Riverside

Riverside - south of the river and west of the Tower Lambeth Riverside This posting covers sites south of the river only. Posg to the north South Bank Post to the east St.George and Waterloo Post to the south Lambeth Addington Street The street is now reduced to being a quarter of the roundabout east of Westminster Bridge Park Plaza County Hall Hotel Park Plaza Hotel - on the site of the County Hall Island Block which was built by the GLC 1975. GLC Island Block . The building was opened in 1974. It was designed by R. A. Laker, J. E. Knight and W. Sutherland, under Sir Roger Walters as Architect to the Council. Trollope & Colls were the main contractors. The building is in situ-cast concrete faced with 'grit blasted calcinated flint panels   the building had no entrance at ground level and was connected to the rest of County Hall by subways and a bridge across York Road,. There was a roof garden and internal spaces were arranged as large open offices and the whole b