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Grove Park

Post to the west Hither Green Post to the east Mottingham Amblecote Meadow Gated housing development on the site of railway sidings. Amblecote Road Entrance to Chinbrook Meadows Chinbrook Meadows . The majority of this park is in the square to the east and south east. London Borough of Lewisham Park opened in 1929. It has a wide open grassy area. There is a new sports pavilion, tennis courts, a multi-use pitch for 5 a side football and basketball and a new children's playground. Grass playing fields are also on offer for football and cricket. There are also tennis courts. The site was part of the land of Chinbrook Farm. Balder Rise Marvels Lane Boys Club .  This appears to have been used by an amateur boxing club since the 1950s.  They may or may not still be there – the site may have been sold by the owners, London Youth. Ballymore Road 72 Knights Templar Grove . Knights Haberdashers Aske’s Academy. This is a primary school, now an ‘academy’, administered under the


Post to the south Greenford Allington Close Built on the site of sidings . These sidings ran west and then turned to factories to the south including the British Bath Company and led eventually to the Aladdin factory in Western Avenue. They closed in the 1990s. Birkbeck Avenue West London Marathon playing fields. This was Birkbeck College Sports Ground and included Birkbeck College Cricket Ground. , Middlesex Second XI Trophy Matches played here. Built on farmland in 1925 it was also once Queens Park Rangers' training ground, 1970s - 1980s. Greenford Park Trotting Track . This was a pioneer speedway venue 1928–1930. On the south side of Birkbeck Avenue Community Road Site of Coston House .  Coston House was the home of O.Mosley. Later was a film processing laboratory. Courthope Road Area of Greenford Farm until the late 1930s Conservative Club . This is on the site of Greenford Farm and some of the buildings remain with a weather boarded stable block although the mai