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Gospel Oak to Barking railway. Finsbury Park

The Gospel Oak to Barking Line goes north eastwards to Crouch Hill Station. Post to the west Crouch Hill Post to the north Haringey Post to the south Finsbury Park Albany Road St Aidan’s Voluntary Controlled Church of England School. In 1887, the Church opened a secondary school for girls here on Church land. It was built by the Church Schools’ Company and became known as Saint Aidan’s. By 1944, St Aidan’s was too small to continue as a secondary school so in 1949 it became a Voluntary Controlled Primary School run by the Local Authority. Ownership of the land and buildings was transferred to them except for the ball court which remains on Church land.  There is a commemorative stone in the playground to a visit from the Queen. The school now has a modern building with a separate nursery but retains the 19th school hall. At the entrance hall is a statue of Saint Aidan who lived in the 7th century on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. Alroy Road One of a group of road names re

Gospel Oak to Barking Railway. Crouch Hill

The Gospel Oak to Barking railway line continues from Upper Holloway Station in a north easterly direction TQ 29954 87678 Suburban area including old industrial sites hidden in the back streets Post to the north Crouch End Post to the west Archway Post to the east Finsbury Park Ashley Road St.Mary and St.Stephen. Built for the new community of Hornsey Rise in 1860 and subsequently took in St.Stephen Elthorne Road. It was designed by A.D. Gough, in ragstone and extended in 1883-4. Inside is some panelling brought from Teulon's St Paul, Avenue Road. Church Hall and Community Centre built 1878 40 Church of the Kingdom of God (Philanthropic Assembly ).  This church is now in an old cinema in Seven Sisters Road and this house appears to flats. 43 Ashley Road Care Home in what was Blythe Mansions Health Clinic. This was before 1984 the City of London Maternity Hospital Nurses Home. Blythwood Road Holly Hall Community Centre. This is a Christian Science Church. Entranc

Gospel Oak to Barking Railway. Upper Holloway

Gospel Oak to Barking Railway From the site of Junction Road Station the railway goes north eastwards Post to the north Archwa y This posting covers only the north east corner of the square. The other squares are Archway to the north west Upper Holloway to the north east Tufnel Park to the south west Boothby Road Before 1907 this was Summerfield Road and the site of Summerfield Villas.  Much of the road is taken up with the rear portions of what were Holloway Mills Davenant Road Davenant Road Park. Green open space on the site of 19th houses. Elthorne Road In the late 19th this was Red Cap Lane.  The Old Mother Red Cap Pub is in Holloway Road opposite the corner of Elthorne Road. 1a Job Centre Plus.   In 1914 this was the Integral Propeller Co. making wooden propellers, and moved to Hendon the following year. It was later used by Crosfield electronic and printing works. In the late 19th the site had been part of the tramway depot based in Holloway Road. 2 Glen Byam

Gospel Oak to Barking Railway. Upper Holloway

Gospel Oak to Barking Railway The railway from the site of Junction Road Station goes north eastwards Post to the north Archway               Post to the west Tufnel Park and Upper Holloway Post to the north Upper Holloway This posting covers only the south east corner of the square. The other quarters are Archway to the north west Upper Holloway to the north east Tufnel Park to the south east Campdale Road Main entrances to Tufnell Park Playing Fields. Tufnell Park Playing Fields were formed on the site of a 19th-century cricket pitch. It later became the playing fields for the Northern Polytechnic and was used by Tufnell Park Football Club and there were grandstands aroid the ground. Trench Air raid shelters were built there in the Second World War. It was later the University of London Playing Field, but is now owned by LB Islington Foxham Road Foxham Gardens.   Small park on the site of 19th houses. It was laid out in the 1980s and seems initially to have been ca

Gospel Oak to Barking Railway. Tufnell Park

Gospel Oak to Barking Railway The railway from Gospel Oak Station runs north east wards Post to the north Archway This posting covers only the south west corner of this square, The other three are: Archway to the north west Upper Holloway the the north east Upper Holloway to the south east Cathcart Hill  1-16 built 1860 10 This was St. John’s High School for Girls 1886-1895 16 in 1896 this was Stella House Collegiate School for Girls. Then until 1914 it was Cathcart College for Boys. Durham House   Dartmouth Park Hill Lord Palmerston . 19th pub with a film club upstairs. Goddard Place A private gated housing area on an old rail side site. Huddleston Road Constructed in 1813 as a feeder road to Archway. It is now cut off at the north end. 142 -144 Tufnell Park Cricket and Football Club – now Tufnell Park Playing Fields – appears from map evidence to have had its original 19th entrance between 142 and 144, both of which are different to other houses in the

Colne Brook Wraysbury

This posting refers to the area north of the River Thames only. South of the River is Runneymede, Bell Weir Post to the north Wraysbury Lakes Post to the east Yeoveney Post to the south Wraysbury Post to the west Runnymede Pleasure Grounds  and Ankerwycke Colne Brook The Colne Brook flows south and enters the Thames Feathers Lane Ardmore. Plant Depot Ferry Lane Wraysbury Hall. Retirement Hotel for Active Gentlefolk. This was designed by T. E. Collcutt in 1892 and originally called Rivernook. It is in brick and described as ‘free Early Tudor’.  It is now let as holiday flats. 2 Chambers Boathouse . Boat rental and leasing Warwick Pump and Engineering Co . This company was founded in 1967 and operated here in the 1960s. It was taken over in Scotland in 1998. 22, 35, 37 Staines Metal Products.   Made heavy duty playground equipment, mainly for local authorities from 1998 22, 37 ASAP Multiform Plastics . Mouldings manufacturers Hythe End Mills . These were on the Colne B

Gospel Oak to Barking Railway - Gospel Oak

The Fleet flows south west through this area Railway Gospel Oak to Barking The Line runs north east from Gospel Oak Station and through Highgate Junction This post covers only the north east section of this square Post to the west Gospel Oak Post to the south Kentish Town Post square to the west  South End  and  South End and Gospel Oak  and  Belsize Park Post in the square to the south  Camden Market ,  Kentish Town West  and  Camden Railway Goods Bellgate Mews Private gated development of the 1970s in an area which in 1885 was Dartmouth Park Nurseries.1 Bellina Mews The road name relates to houses, Bellina Villas, which once stood in Fortess Road north of the turning. Furniture factory . This was in the grounds of Bellina Villas Burghley Road The road more or less follows the line of the River Fleet flowing from Highgate Ponds to the junction with Highgate Hill. The area was owned by St. John's College, Cambridge following a bequest of some farmland in