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Riverside east of the Tower - north bank. Millwall

Riverside east of the Tower, north bank Millwall Riverside and dockland area.  The riverside once had numerous important industrial sites, many dealing with timber imports, now entirely used for 20th 'exclusive' housing. The area includes the Millwall Dock and its major grain handling facilities latterly replaced by the fruit trade with. some main line rail interchanges. All replaced with 20th office and housing developments. The area is still under intense development pressure. There is also 19th and 20th housing with some social support institutions. Post to the north Canary Wharf Post to the south Millwall  and Deptford Riverside Post to the east Blackwall  and Greenwich Peninsula West Post to the west Greenland Dock Admirals Way This area, called Waterside, was developed jointly by the Wiggins Group, and Port of London Properties Ltd, West India South Dock . These blocks were previously the sites of K and L sheds, with facilities for the storage of dates and fig

Riverside east of the Tower.north bank Canary Wharf

Riverside, north bank, east of the Tower. Poplar and Canary Wharf TQ 37731 80317 Complex Riverside and Dock area.  This was the West India Docks with what was originally the City Canal. Many historic dock features remain and there is a specialist museum. The dock area is almost entirely taken up with over sized late 20th century American derived commercial buildings on what is essentially a moated island difficult to access from the surrounding area. This includes many huge towers which have no reference to the historic sites they inhabit or, indeed, take any note of the River. Some early railways ran into the area and developed into goods depots and this has been replaced by the Docklands Light Railway. Around it are the remains of 19th and 20th settlement area including many social support networks, some for seamen.  The area remains under intense development pressure as late 20th century buildings are demolished for newer ones. Post to the west Limehouse  and Rotherhithe, Nel