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Hatton Cross

 Post to the east Hatton Post to the south Hatton Road Chaucer Avenue Internal Airport Road Cranford Lane Internal Airport Road Dick Turpin's Way The area was apparently notorious for highway robbery Hatton Farm . Open storage land, etc derelict site Dockwell Lane This lane was replaced by the South West Road Hatton House , This was thought to date from the 18 th . In the 1940s it became Dick Turpin’s Kitchen, a roadhouse. It was demolished in 1978 Eagle Road Internal Airport Road Eastchurch Road Internal Airport Road Eastern Perimeter Road Electra Avenue Internal Airport Road Elmdon Road Internal Airport Road Ensign Close Internal Airport Road Envoy Avenue Internal Airport Road Exeter Road Internal Airport Road Faggs   Road Mission Room . 1930s, Baptist Chapel/Anglican Mission Room converted for office use in 2000 Radius Park   Trading Estate, Airport Industrial Properties. On the site of St. Anthony’s Home St.Anthony’s Home. This was Temple Hatton, owned by   Sir Frederick Pollo

Old Hatfield

  Arm and Sword Lane  Lane running down from the Great North Road past pub car park. Was once called ‘Blood and Gut Alley’ or ‘Bug Alley’ because of a slaughterhouse there. The road continues u nder the viaduct built to enable Lord Salisbury to access the Railway station. Viaduct villas Batterdale Batterdale House . 18 th house, demolished Triangle House . This originally belonged to a tanner and there was an adjacent tan yard. Later a doctor’s surgery.   Demolished. Convent.   In 1925 Carmelite nuns built a convent on the site of the old Hatfield Brewery in Batterdale, by the railway station, and remained there until 1938 Hatfield Brewery. The Searancke family are the earliest own local brewers from the late 17 th . In 1815 it was sold to Joseph Bigg but by 1819 was acquired by Joseph Field. By the 1830s it owned forty pubs and produced more than 7,600 barrels annually”. By the 1830s it was owned by the Pryor family, local Quakers. They had maltsters in Baldock and some of the fami

List of pages following the route of the south London River Ravensbourne and its Tributaries - Quaggy, Pool, Chaffimch.etc

  SOUTH LONDON – RIVER RAVENSBOURNE AND ITS TRIBUTORIES   Keston. Source of the Ravensbourne, Olive’s Mill, Romano British Cemetery, gravel pit, Keston Ponds, reservoirs. Hayes Common. Football and cricket clubs, boys secondary school. Hayes.   Various small tributaries to the Ravensbourne. Tributory to the Ravensbourne Bromley Common. Steam Brewery, Bus Garage, war memorial, Garden Gate Pub, Village hall, golf club, race course,New Era Laundry,country park, Hastings Road, turnpike, City of London plaque, Lennard Hospital for Infectious Diseases, Astley Adult Training Centre, School. River Ravensbourne Norman Park.   Bromley College of