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Gants Hill

Post to the east Newbury Park Post to the South Valentines Ashurst Drive Baptist Church .Church building and rear hall opened in 1929. . The name chosen for the church was 'Eastern Avenue Baptist Church' and this was changed in 1929.  Halls and kitchens were added in the 1950s and 1960s. Beehive Lane Ilford Synagogue . This was founded in 1936 and moved to this site in the 1970s. It serves a varied membership. It is a member of the United Synagogues. Cranbrook Road  Valentines High School . This school opened in 1901 as Park Higher Grade School, a coeducational secondary school, on a different site.  In 1929, a building on Cranbrook Road was opened as Ilford County High School for Girls. In 1977, the school became coeducational as Valentines High School. Since then a new sixth-form building and sports centre have been added/ 509-511 London School of Management Education. Private business school. 490 Gants Hill Library . This dates from 1937-8 designed by L.E.J.

Hampton Hill

Post to the north River Crane, Fulwell Alpha Road Alpha Road Gardens . A former allotment site now with shrubs, trees and a play area. It is possible that this was a bomb site resulting from destruction by a landmine in November 1940. 6 Currently a garage and MOT Centre, in the 1960s this was Electronic Ades making compact control equipment Angel Close Hampton Hill Spiritualist Church - "New Church" .  In the late 1990s, the Church negotiated with a developer and the current church was built in 2000 on land to the rear of the Old Church. It opened in 2000. Bayleaf Close Sheltered housing . Blandford Road Built on the site of gravel pits Branksome Close Housing on area of a gravel pit. This includes units for disabled people leased to Richmond upon Thames Churches Housing Trust Burtons Road This is on the line of an ancient track. The ditch it runs along beside the road used to mark the dividing line between Hounslow Heath and the Common – which is known a