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Caledonian Road

This posting is of the north east quarter of the square Post to the quarter square to the south   Barnsbury Post to the quarter square to the south west Ladykillers Main square to the west South east quarter square Camden Town South west quarter square Camden Road Main square to the east Quarter square to the north east Highbury Corner Quarter square to the north west Arundel Square Islington and Highbury Corner Armour Close Four houses by London Borough of Islington by HFI Architects. Housing Design Award winner 2010. Shoehorned into an old garage site. Atlas Mews This is part of the London Borough of Islington’s Westbourne Estate which was designed by Eric Lyons Cadbury-Brown Metcalf & Cunningham and built in 1976. It provided 268 houses, 132 flats, a sheltered housing, a community centre, a medical centre and shops. It replaced terraced housing. Balmoral Grove Trading estate in a cul de sac which once had terraced housing.  It is now being redeveloped with

Bush Hill Park

Post to the west Bush Hill Park Post to the south Bury Street Post to the north Enfield Town Abbey Road 64 Parr Manufacturing. Metal fancy goods – including for the military.  They seem to have been active here 1930s-1950s but may have been earlier 64 Sun House Blaze Communications .  “Brand marketing and digital strategies’ ‘Enfield’s Industrial heritage is in our DNA’. Graphotone Printing Works. 1880-1907 when it was burnt out. They appear to have produced photographic works of sights and events. 11 War Resisters' International. This organisation had been set up in the Netherlands in 1921 This is the address of its first Secretary, Herbert Runham Brown who had spent two and a half years in a British prison as a conscientious objector. The organisation still exists and is based in the Caledonian Road Agricola Place Built on the site of a what was Fourth Avenue 35 John Jackson Library. This was opened in 1948 as Bush Hill Park Library in what was Fourth Avenue. T

Bromley South

Post to the north Bromley North Post to the south Hayes Post to the west Shortlands Thames Tributary Ravensbourne. The Ravensbourne flows north and slightly eastwards through the area and is met by other tributaries roughly around the junction of Hayes Road and Westmoreland Road. Aylesbury Road Southhill Park Nursery . Horticultural business here in the 1890s St. Mark’s Church of England Primary School.   This was Aylesbury Road Board School built in 1889 and in use until 1938 as a boys' school. It appears to have been rebuilt and became Aylesbury Secondary School for Girls in the 1950s. It is now a primary school Kitson’s Works . They made heating and cooling equipment for buildings. Bromley Common Cosmos House. This building, on the corner of Holmesdale Road, stood unfinished for many years. It dated from 1965- 7 by the Owen Luder Partnership. Described as ‘ruthlessly brutalist’. There are now new buildings on the site. Cromwell Avenue Was called Pieter's

Bromley North

Post to the south Bromley South Bromley The name means "the heath where broom grows". The manor was an extensive estate, with farms, orchards and woodland. In 1845 the Ecclesiastical Commissioners sold it to Coles Child, a wealthy businessman who modernised the farm and main house. In 1870 his son, sold some of the land to builders and developers Bromley High Street The town developed around the market place and the London to Hastings turnpike with coaching inns an important part of the local economy. Until the railway opened in 1858 it was a country town with a single street with houses and shops leading to the Market Square. Methodist chapel . This was set up by the second group of Methodists locally, originally in Market Square/Upper High Street and later in the Lower High Street building a church here in 1874. The church was demolished in 1964 to allow for construction of The Glades. A stone war memorial was in the church from 1922, and which was moved to a new M