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Riverside, south bank opposite the Tower. Tooley Street

This posting relates only to sites south of the river Post to the east Wapping  and Wapping Post to the south Bermondsey Post to the west Bankside Abbot’s Lane The lane is now a short side turning off Tooley Street alongside the sides of larger buildings. It was once known as Stoney Lane and led to the western end of Pickle Herring Street and the river.  It is said to have been a Roman road and to have led to a Roman ferry Sir John Falstaffe. Falstaff is said to have been landowner in this area and to have had a house here.  It is said that Cecily Neville, Duchess of York stayed here. He left the bulk of his fortune to Magdalen College, Oxford, and hence the local link to the College Phoenix Brewery . In the late 17th the brewery was owned by Sir George Meggott. He died I 1723 and the brewery was taken over by his son Smith Meggott, who subsequently traded in partnership with Robert Hucks. By the late 18th the principle partner was Charles Clowes, a lawyer turned brewer, who

Riverside, south bank east of the Tower. Surrey Docks

Riverside south of the river and east of the Tower. Surrey Docks Post to the east Greenland Dock Post to the south Surrey Docks Post to the west Bermondsey Post to the north Surrey Canal Entrance and Ratcliffe and Shadwell Adam Street This is now called Brunel Road Adams Gardens Estate Council housing designed by H. Tansley, Bermondsey Borough Architect in 1934. This was a redevelopment of an area which had been greatly affected by the construction of the Rotherhithe ~Tunnel; in 1908. In 1899 Booth had reported on cottages here and on a small hall 'whose stone was laid by Field Marshal Sir William Gomm, lord of the manor of Rotherhithe. Adams Gardens is dated 1822.  Ainsty Street Built around 1845, and redeveloped after the Second World War when the Ainsty Estate was built. It is now a side turning with the walls of modern flats in other roads. It was originally called York Street and was renamed in 1872 39 Battle of the Nile Tavern . This has now been demolished.