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Great Eastern Railway Line from Liverpool Street to Chingford. Chingford Hatch

Great Eastern Railway from Liverpool Street to Chingford The railway runs northwards from Highams Park Station TQ 38179 91761 Suburban area with some leisure facilities around trading estates and the area of the old Halex factory. Post to the south Hale End Post to the east Highams Park Post to the north Pimps Hall Avril Way Names for Averil, the wife of the builder. Built in the 1960s Bailey Close Built on what appears to have been the leisure centre car park Balliol Avenue The road dates from the 1930s and the name relates to a 13th Chingford manorial family  Hatch Lane A road which is medieval or earlier and which went to a gate into Epping Forest. A Tiny eastern section is cut off by the railway 71 Prince of Wales. The pub dated from at least the 1860s. It was rebuilt at some time shortly after 1938 and closed in 2008 Methodist chapel. In 1862 a small Wesleyan church was built but in 1936 the site of was compulsorily acquired by the London County Council fo

Great Eastern Railway from Liverpool Street to Chingford. Walthamstow

Great Eastern Line to Chingford The line to Chingford continues northwards from Wood Street Station. Post to the south Walthamstow Wood Street Post to the north Hale End Beacontree Avenue The road ran parallel to the old pre-1970s North Circular Road.  The raised grass sward along the east side of the road is in fact the old North Circular which lies under the grass.  In places the concrete road surface shows through. There are steps at the corner with Pentire Road by an electricity substation which demonstrate the difference in levels between the old road and the new motorway standard road above.  From here a subway – hidden from the road – goes under the North Circular to join to forest paths. It has a railed off footway and a disused vehicle road. Bellevue Road Named for Belle Vue House or Cooke's Folly which stood near the junction with Beacontree Avenue. It was built around 1803 in what was then called Hale Brinks Woods for Charles Cooke, to the design of Edward Gyffo

Great Eastern Rail Line to Chingford. Walthamstow Wood Street

Great Eastern Railway from Liverpool Street to Chingford The railway running from Walthamstow Central turns north westwards and through Wood Street Station to run north. Post to the west Walthamstow Post to the north Walthamstow Barrett Road Joseph Barratt was a member of Walthamstow School Board and the road was named after him in 1906 Joseph Barrett Junior and Infants School . This opened on what was then apparently called Warwick Road in 1905. In 1946 it was reorganized as a secondary modern school, later renamed Warwick and was enlarged in the 1950s. Warwick School appears to have closed in 2003 and the buildings remodeled as part of Woodside Primary School. It is a school board type building by H. Pross. Manual Instruction Centre building, one of four built at elementary schools in the borough before 1906. Bisterne Avenue Bisterne Avenue Park . Park around which the avenue itself appears to have been laid out. It has had tennis courts and a bowling green since opening

Great Eastern Railway Liverpool Street to Chingford. Walthamstow

The Great Eastern Railway from Liverpool Street to Chingford The rail line running north from Walthamstow Central Station continues to run north westwards Post to the south Walthamstow Hoe Street Post to the west Walthamstow Post to the east Walthamstow Wood Street Atlee Terrace A road named after a Labour Prime Minister – rarely found. Aubrey Road This road was previously called Cut-throat Lane. It is now said to be part of ‘Poets Corner’ with road names all after famous poets.  It is basically a back road to houses in Howard Road, which it predates. It has a ‘little free library’ outside one of the houses. 4a The Sclerine Crystal Company . This is a company making parts for crystal wireless sets in 1925 Badlis Road Built by Warner Estates in 1900 and named after an Essex farm owned by the family Bedford Road 2-4 Walthamstow Sri Katpaga Vinayagar Temple. This was Foresters Hall. The elephant-headed figure on the front of the Temple is Ganesha regarded as the remover

Great Eastern Railway from Liverpool Street to Chingford. Upper Clapton

Great Eastern Railway to Chingford. The line running north from Hackney Downs station swings north eastwards to Clapton Station and beyond Post to the south Hackney Downs Post to the north Springfield Post to the east Lea Bridge Post to the west Stoke Newington Benthal Road Benthal Primary School. The site of the school was a brick field in 1868, probably where the bricks were made for the surrounding houses. The school opened in 1876 as Rendalsham Road School and the name changed to Benthal Road School in 1903. In the Second World War closed because of 1940 bombing. Rebuilt 1949 and in 1966 a new infant school added by the GLC - later used as the junior school. The first school to be designed by Paul Maas with archways like caves. Island Mural . This is on the west side of the road on the corner with Evering Road. Brooke Road Previously called World’s End. The street name recalls Brooke House which stood in Upper Clapton Road at the end of Brooke Road and which was demolish