Colne Brook - Wraysbury Station

Colne Brook
The Colne Brook flows southwards

Post to the north Horton
Post to the south Wraysbury Lakes
Post to the east Wraysbury Reservoir

Coppermill Road
A City of London coal tax post stood in the road to the east of the brook, and thus 600 yards south east of the station. This is said to have been moved to Wraysbury Road.
Thames Water. The utility company maintains laboratories at Wraysbury Reservoir, accessed from Coppermill Road. This includes their Limnological Laboratory
Engenica House. Engenica is part of Veiola Water Group/
Bridge. The bridge over the Colne Brook has decorative columns above a concrete span, It is said to date from the early 1970s was designed by R. Stroyer.

Old Mill Place
Wyradsbury Mill. A mill was noted here in 1086. In 1547 it was known as Coltnettwater- but by the 18th was Wyrardisbury Mill. In 1605 it was a paper mill.  In 1722 the mill was tenanted by Jakes Colson who worked it as an iron mill but it was later acquired by Pascoe Grenfell, of the Gnoll Copper Company of Neath. It was later bought by the ‘Copper King’ Thomas Williams, as his private property (as distinct from those works owned by the various companies he controlled). After Williams’ death work was continued under Grenfell but by 1844 it was a brass mill worked by the Glascott brothers. By 1861 steam engine had been installed and it was equipped as a paper mill. In 1919 it was taken over by the Bell Punch Company and two hydro turbines replaced the water wheel.  It was then used for engineering and the manufacture of bell punches.  The mill was closed in 1971.

Station road
Wraysbury Station. 1848. Between Staines and Sunnymeads  stations on South Western Trains. It was built on the Windsor branch of the London and South Western railway.
Tithe Farm Cottage. 16th hall house with 17th chimney

Tithe Lane
Tithe Farm and barns

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