Yeading Brook - North Hillingdon

Yeading Brook.
The Brook flows south westwards and then turns south eastwards.

Post to the north Ickenham
Post to the east Gutteridge Wood

Canal Feeder
The feeder crosses the right side of a field south of Sussex Road until it meets the A40 Western Avenue.

Freezeland Way
Slip road off the A40
Freezeland Covert. This was the site of traveller encampments, but they have now moved on.
The canal feeder and the Yeading merge in this area

Lynhurst Crescent
Cutthroat Wood. Partly cleared in the 19th
Canal feeder. North of the houses is a field and behind them are the remains of an accommodation bridge. Water from the feeder merge with a stream which flows into the Yeading Brook

Oak Farm Estate.
On the site of what had been Rye Fields Farm. Developed after the building of the A4 in the 1920s

Western Avenue
The canal feeder passes under Western Avenue in its own tunnel.
The Yeading passes under Western Avenue in its own tunnel

British History. Hillingdon. Web site
Regents Canal feeder. Web site


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