Duke of Northumberland's River Hatton Road

Duke of Northumberland’s River. Longford River
The duke of Northumberland’s River flows eastwards
The Longford River flows south eastwards

Post to the west East Bedfont
Post to the east North Feltham
Post to  the north Hatton Cross

Cains Lane
Land in Cains Lane was opened as a private airfield by Fairey Aviation in 1929. This was initially Harmondsworth Aerodrome but later called the Great Western Aerodrome.  This was requisitioned in 1944, along with much surrounding land, by the Air Ministry  but was never complete. It was handed to the Civil Aviation Authority in 1946.  A control tower for Very Heavy Transport Stations being the only completed structure. Thus began Heathrow.
Plesman House. Airline offices
Gate to open land to the north of nature conservation interest


This Domesday village is now largely a service area for the airport. The name means ‘farmstead on the heath'.

Hatton Road

Greville House. This was also used as Bedfont Community Centre. This is an old school building dating from 1847.
Bedfont Primary School. The current school is a recent amalgamation of the Junior and Infants school. It was built post war on an area which had been the recreation ground but which had been used as an anti-aircraft gun battery site in the Second World War.
Marjory Kinnan School. Special School
Bedfont Sports Club. This was founded in 2002 when the Bedfont Sunday side were joined by Bedfont Eagles who became the clubs junior setup. Bedfont Sunday was founded in 1962 and Bedfont Eagles, in 1978, has 16 sides from ages 6 to 16. There is also Bedfont Sports Girls
Bedfont Football Club. Bedfont Football Club has played in one form or another since the 19th and in 1900 became the Bedfont Institute Club. They were at Bedfont Recreation ground until the Second World War when it was a Royal Artillery camp and the club used the buildings left behind. In 1968 they merged with Bedfont Rangers founded 1950, Fairholme United founded 1953 and later Interharvester. In 2010 the club closed for financial reasons.
The Orchard. Site of the football ground. Owned by Bedfont Social Club. There is a modern 100 seat stand on the pitch. The small corrugated iron shelter that originally stood on the site of the new stand is now behind the goal. There are two clubhouses.
Bedfont Social Club. Club house with regular events.
Bedfont Recreation ground. This was laid out as a recreation ground in the 1930s but was later taken over by the football club.
Baptist Church – used by Blessed Church International, Brooks of Life Ministries International, The Airport Church Revival Centre
Duke of Wellington Pub

Staines Road
The Load of Hay Pub
The Beehive Pub

Bedfont Primary School. Web site
Bedfont Sports Club. Web site
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London Borough of Hounslow. Web site
Osborne. Defending London
Pevsner and Cherry. London North West


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