Yeading Brook - Hayes Gate

Yeading Brook
The brook flows southwards. It is met by a tributary from the west, and by an apparent, but defunct, spillway from the canal from the east. It then becomes known as the River Crane.

Post to the north Yeading Lane
Post to the south Southall Gas Works

Beaconsfield Road
This is essentially two roads with the same name divided by the Yeading Brook and the Grand Union Canal.
Guru Nanak Sikh Primary and Secondary Academies are a faith schools which promotes the values of the Sikh religion. They were established in 1999 as voluntary aided schools in the state sector
Our Lady and St.Anselm RC School. Built 1956 and now closed. The Guru Nanak School is on its site.
Hayes and Yeading United Football Ground. The club dates from 2007 when the two clubs joined forces. Hayes Football Club was founded in 1909 as a team called Botwell Mission, changing their name in 1929. Yeading Football Club moved to Warren Park in 1965.
Blair Peach Primary Schools

Berwick Avenue
The canal feeder passed to the south of this road and crossed Yeading Brook on an aqueduct.

Brookside Road
A footpath leaves the road from the corner of Camden Avenue roughly on the line of the Canal feeder which will have crossed near this point.
Brookside Brick works. This 19th brick works was using brick earth from local sites.  A tramway using locomotives ran from it to the canal side

Bullsbrook Road
Brook Industrial Estate
Perivale Gutermann. Branch of the sewing thread and textile works founded in 1860s Vienna.

Camden Avenue
The Canal feeder passed to the south of this road and some remains can be seen as depressions on a footpath accessing allotments at the back of the houses.

Grand Union Canal
Canal feeder. A slight kink in the canal bank in Tollgate Road marks the site of the entry of the feeder into the main canal.
A wharf stood on the east side, roughly on the line of Bullsbrook Road for the tramway from the Brookside Brickworks
Hamborough Dock. This dock ran from the canal to the north end of Cherry Avenue. Its line can be seen in some new buildings at the bottom of Bankside and derelict land between Cherry Avenue and Beresford Road. It is also clear that there was at one time an open line which extended east through Ranelagh and Woodlands Road. It appears that in the late 19th the dock was extended as a canal complete with towing path for some distance to the east, and preseumablty served a brick field.

Delamere Road
34a & 34n Canal Feeder route. New houses in the terrace marks the route of the feeder
The road is crossed by what appears to be route along the line of the parliamentary boundary between the Grand Union Canal and the Yeading Brook. This is used by a waste collection company and is stacked with old fridges, washing machines, etc.

Flood Relief Channel was created in the 1980s to take excess water from Yeading Brook and runs parallel to the road but crosses below it and enters Minet Park.

Springfield Road
Hayes Gate Football Club Ground
Hillingdon Cycle Circuit. The site was part of the area owned by the Minet family, It was a rubbish dump and excavated for brick earth during the 19th and 20th and was used as the works compound for the construction of the Hayes Bypass. It was then landscaped using excavated soil excavated.
Goals Hayes – pitches and gym
Minet Country Park. Suburban park which was once farmland, and then neglected wasteland. It was originally part of the Coldharbour Estate, owned by the Minet family from 1766 until the mid-20th when it was sold to Hillingdon Borough Council. Much of the area was destroyed during construction of the motorway and in 2002 work began to turn it into parkland with onsite wardens.
The road is crossed by a number of watercourses, the Flood Relief Channel which enters it from below the bypass road. The Flood Relief channel, the Central Channel, and the Pond Channel, were created in the 1980s to take excess water from Yeading Brook and to take the place of old drainage ditches

Tollgate Drive
Canal Feeder – the road is on the route of it

Uxbridge Road
Hayes Gate, site of the turnpike gate at Hayes Bridge.
Hayes Gate House, also known as Heathrow Gate Hotel.  Derelict since late 1990s
Hayes Bridge
TA Centre 151 (London) Transport Regiment
Hamborough Tavern. Burnt down following a race riot with skinheads and rebuilt in the 1980s
Waggon and Horses, now demolished

Guru Nanak school. Web site
Hayes and Yeading United Football Club, web site
London Borough of Ealing web site
London Borough of Hillingdon. Web site
Regents Canal. Feeder channel. Web site
Pevsner and Cherry. London North West


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