Yeading Brook - Northolt Airfield

Yeading Brook
The brook continues to flow south westwards

Post to the east Northolt Gardens

Post to the south not done

Northolt Aerodrome.
Built in 1915 for the Royal Flying Corps. It was originally a purpose built night landing ground with six flight sheds, a double hangar and workshops. After the Great War the RAF expanded it with new buildings camouflaged as terraced housing.  It was the base for the Polish Air force in the Second World War. The buildings have continued to be London's Military Air Terminal. Many buildings survive and have been listed.
Control tower. The tower is in the site of Ickenham Hill Farm which was farmed by the Teak family until 1916 when the aerodrome was built. The Control Tower of 1970 was built on a site close to that of a 1944 building. The Minister of Public Buildings and Works, Julian Amery MP, laid the foundation stone for it. It was a two-storey brick building with an octagonal steel-framed visual control room, It was designed by Ross Campbell, Director of Work (Air) Ministry of Public Buildings and Works.

Stafford Road
Ruislip Gardens Primary School. This originally opened in 1939. It was closed after the outbreak of war because of the risks posed by its proximity to RAF Northolt but reopened in 1941

Bowlt. Ruislip Past
Norris and Haywood. A short history of RAF Northolt
Osborne. Defending London
Ruislip, Northwood and Eastcote LHS. Highways and Byways


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