Duke of Northumberland's River, Longford River, East Bedfont

The Duke of Northumberland’s River, Longford River. East Bedfont

The Duke of Northumberland's River flows eastwards along the line of the Perimeter Road.
The Longford River flows eastwards along the line of the Perimeter Road. It diverts to the south east at Two Bridges

Hotels and suburbs adjacent to Heathrow Airport

Post to the west Terminal Four
Post to the east Hatton Road

Great South West Road

This is the A315 which follows part of the original line of the Roman Road from the West Country to London. The road starts at the Clockhouse Roundabout the point where the A30 leaves the Roman route continued by the Great South West Road built in 1925.

Hatton Road
Bridges over the Duke of Northumberland’s River and the Longford River. Known as Two Bridges

Heathrow Airport
This square covers the south east corner of the airport – including the eastern section of Terminal Four.

Marriott Close
2 Two Bridges Day Centre

New Road
Bedfont Public Hall. Built by the Bedfont Public Hall Co., Ltd in 1884
Bedfont and Hatton Royal British Legion Hall.

Terminal Four Roundabout
Sterling Hilton. This was originally built as the Sterling and opened in 1990s. Foster's original building was an open-ended tube with a great hall and service areas at the sides. It is connected to Terminal Four by a covered walkway.


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