Burnt Ash

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Post to the east Mottingham Lane

Baring Road

Drinking fountain at Harland Road junction. Horse trough and basin, inscription about ‘A drop of cold water in his name’

Fire hydrant iron pavement cover. Made by Stanton  with Thames Water logo

Burnt Ash Hill

Driving test centre 4 very early centre;

Rev Charles Prest. President of Methodist Conference Home

South Lee Tabernacle

Congregational Church

117 Crown large Young’s pub

Horncastle Road

Horn Park Farmhouse site on the junction with Alnwick Road

Horn Park Estate.

estate built on former EItham Palace parkland from 1936. Many houses have 'mock Tudor' gables. Estate built partly to rehouse hutment tenants

Part of old palace estate made into a farm. Farm once owned by Woods of Crockenhill

Hornpark Lane

Private development from the 1930s

Colfe’s School. There since 1964.  Founded by Rev. Abraham Colfe in 1652 in Lewisham with the Leathersellers' Company.  Independent from 1977.

Horn Park

The 12th manor is a bulge in the Eltham Palace boundary so ‘Horn’ may refer to this shape. Called ‘West Horne’ and consisted of 345 acres enclosed in the 15th. In 1481 there was a park keeper with a moated lodge, dairy, barn, stable and orchard.  By the 17th it was no longer a park but a farm.  In 1860 bought by Thomas Blenkiron for grazing racehorses.  Orchards planted in the 19th   but the lease ran out in 1930 and development followed.  Woolwich Council built on the site of the orchards but was halted because of the Second World War – some prefabs remained there a long time.

Area of park trees all felled for the Navy.  Once a fruit farm.

Melrose Close

Old pond railed off as a nature reserve.

Sibthorpe Road

There is a small shopping centre and from here a lane leads to footbridge (the only structure pre-dating the estate) across the railway line, which ruins in a cutting through the estate.


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