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Route of Surrey Iron Railway

From Summerstown Road follow Garratt Lane

Aboyne Road

Garratt Green School

Garratt Lane


Garratt was the main village in the manor of Allfarthing. The old hamlet of Garratt. Well known in the 18th century for its mock elections to appoint a 'Mayor of Garratt' to protect its rights on the common, came later to be called Summerstown. Mayor of Garratt was chosen on the basis of physical deformity and witty speeches. Died out in the 19th.  The name masy meran wea5tcvhtower

Surrey Iron Railway approach on the new line.  22' x 15 1/2' high, tunnel in the railway line just inside the entrance and parallel to the road - roughly on the crossing of Surrey Iron Railway but too small to be a Surrey Iron Railway bridge.  Flats 

538 Leather Bottle, outside farm in 1740 when the commons were being enclosed, elections with a  Chairman called The Mayor of Garrett, became famous local event. Hustings here, lots of deformed candidates In the 18thC the inhabitants of the hamlet of Garratt clubbed together to employ a solicitor to prevent      encroachment on their common lands.  thus began tradition  upon the meeting of each new parliament; when several     well-known characters in low-life appeared as candidates,   being furnished with fine clothes and gay equipages for    the occasion, by the publicans, who made a good harvest       of the day's frolic". The custom continued until  the 1790s, with several later revivals.

Oil mills

646 Prince of Wales

St Andrew's, opposite Trewint Street, 1911.  Clock over the street.  Mountford 1891.  Surrey Iron Railway sleeper block inside and some rail.  Thomas & Dower, 1885 probbaly gone.

Anderson,  House, site of Tooting dust destructor.

Garratt Green

Recorded as Garratgreene 1609, Garret Green 1816, preserving the name of a tenement called le Garret 1538, Ye Garret 1580, from Old French gorite ‘a watchtower'. There is a mill called Garret Mill by the River Wandle on the Ordnance Survey map of 1816

Uninspiring bit of grass.  The Surrey Iron Railway cut off the corner to meet Garratt Lane.  Crossed a field on the east side.

Dropping down from Wandsworth Common is the Boyne Hill terraces across London clay to alluvium filled valley of the Wandle.

Garrett Park

Millpond upstream to middle.  Gunpowder mill


Surrey Iron Railway crosses it and ran down the west side of Garrett Green.

Triangle with Garrett Lane now built over

Match factory

Shawl printing factory

Water gas plant

St Mary's

Elms Works. Stamping works for metal. Then owned by Welsbach Mantle Co.


straightened  and concreted for flood prevention around 1960.

Trewint Street

Marks course of Surrey Iron Railway slip going to oil mill. 

Trewint Street

Walk way from here to Plough Lane

Waynflete Street

Winchester Street ?


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