South Stifford


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Back Lane

Denehole 1956  4 holes

Long Lane

Road on line of ancient pollards to Belmont Castle in Mill Lane and meets main road on Millwood Hill

Mill Lane

Denehole found.

Pilgrim's Lane

Past Millwood House and Millwood Hill

London County Council Homes for 205 boys and girls, consisting of six blocks of buildings and an Infirmary, standing in 75 acres of grounds.

South Stifford

Right fork was Bushy Bit, goes to the runnel, left fork is the Pilgrim Road,

Pleasant Grove, then to the main road which has the Bit by it, Then on past the

Big granary, then to the ferry and Kent and Canterbury

Loess deposits

Davy Down

Riverside park.

Railway viaduct.

Stifford pumping station 1920s dominates the site and still pumps from a borehole


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