Hook Green

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Rowhill Road

Rowhill was part of the Baldwyns estate

Rowhill Grange. 'A denehole was dug out by a party of archaeologists. The hole is entered via a shaft, 45 ft. deep and 3 ft. 3 ins. wide. The 'chambers at.the .bottom are between 10 and 12 ft. high but those to the South are blocked off by a. roof. fall.   Pottery and the bones of many: animals, including those of a 17th .hunting.horse, were uncovered

Rowhill Woods, supposed site of the City of Caswallon  occupying this and Joydens Wood.  They were a tribe of Celts called the Cassii.

Denehole - two plugged .'shafts covered by heavy undergrowth.  

Rowhill Mount.. said to have been ‘heightened by the people’. British Camp in his location.  Caswallon is said to have had his camp here before he drove the Romans away. He is said to have had two fortresses – one at Tyrru of which Rowhill is said to be a corruption.


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