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Marked thus on the Ordnance Survey map of 1876, earlier ‘Long Lands’ on the 1805 map, though a hamlet here is referred to as early as 1635, 'the long strips of arable land' , the common fields, from Middle English ‘long’ and ‘lond’.

Longlands Road

semis built in the 1920s. by Cory and Cory good speculative houses. many fine sequences of houses though not in the chalet style.  Tile hung bays, leaded windows and timber porches.

Harland Brothers Brickworks. 1876-1911

Flats towards the end of the road

V2 28th January  1945 In rear garden, 120 yards West of the junction with Woodside  Road       

Main Road

This area retains a village atmosphere, and is sometimes called Longlands, after an early 18th century mansion which was demolished in 1885; its location was where Park Hill Road is now.

Longlands.  house built in 1750 and demolished 1886.  Home of George Russell, soap manufacturer and Greenwich mill owner.

Sidcup Police Station

Woodside Road

Longlands Primary School


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