Bromley Hill

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Bromley Hill

1905.  lodge gone.  Lot of amenity trees, 1935 sculpture.

Top of was the 90th milestone from London.

Steel houses erected in 1920s by London County Council Occupation in three weeks from start of building

Coniston Road

Bromley Court Hotel.  Built 1767, rebuilt 1801.  Was home of Lord and Lady Farnborough with elaborate garden and waterfalls to the river.  sold in 1881.  The origin of the house is a villa built in 1767, rebuilt, and remodelled c. 1801-11 by Charles Long, later Baron Farnborough.  Large and rambling, with many additions. built 1760s on the site of a farmhouse.  1801 bought by Charles Long who became Baron Farnborough. Italianate mansion. In 1881 bought by Samuel Cawston for development. Now the Bromley Court Hotel having been a hospital for Canadian soldiers in First World War Canadian Convalescent Hospital (Bromley Park Hotel)(20 April 1915 ? 31 August 1918) (This was the first Canadian Convalescent Hospital in the Country

Elstree Hill

School board offices porch way.  1874 demolished in 1929

Italian Villa. Lady Farnborough is said to have built an Italian garden at Bromley Hill House.  A pond was added to this which is in this area.

House built in  1930 by Alexander Jones.Lady Farnboroughs pond was there.

Self build housing over the area of the pond.

23 The Cottage pump in the front garden by Appleby and Co., Renishaw Works, Chesterfield.served buildings of  Bromley Hill House.

Farnaby Road

a stumpy metal post lurks beside an overgrown fence. It was put there to mark both the millennium and the meridian, and still presents two mirrored faces to west and east

Grasmere Road

3-5 was the stables.  Hillbrow.

22 1879 Holmescroft Newton.

Hill Brow

22 The Oriels

1879 Holmescroft Newton


Hope Lane

1929 old house Hawthorn Cottage in the corner although houses in the area.

Kinnard Park Estate

1910 source of Blackheath gravel beds also sand in the subsoil.

London Lane

Boundary of Plaistow Lodge Estate.  The lodge is now a school.  It was called Boyd’s Lane from the tenant.  Narrow with elm trees.

Ex servicemen's club;

Plaistow and Southend in 1261 part of Manor of Shrafholt.

London Road

Beckenham Cemetery.  1877 by Gear Truefitt.  The complete range of ragstone chapels, lodges and mortuary survive and three-arched Porte clochere, arch span in housing.  T.Lyle.

Homeopathic hospital of Phillips memorial hospital; opposite bits lady Margaret hospital

Entrance gates to two estates. 

Land from Bromley Hill to Ravensbourne Station was part of grounds of Bromley Hill House

Maidstone Road

The Mount, Lodge Stotfold.  A&C self-conscious.

58 Hillbrow.


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