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High Road


Wilmington Waterworks, Kent Waterworks Co., 1888 boiler house survives

Oakfield Lane

Dene Hole. a large hole appeared a few metres from one of the residential blocks. At the bottom was the remains of a steel and concrete cap which had fallen in. Coincidently a soak away had recently been dug just above the cap. The depth to the bottom of the debris cone was 18m and there were three chambers each about 6m long. This was a typical chalk well. The head of the geology department believes it is a flint mine.  Just a few meters away is a depression that the ground staff has been filling in for years which though not associated with the collapse certainly needs an eye kept on it. There is a dene hole marked on the 1869 map in the area and a brick works.


St. Michael. 1839 rebuilt aisle. Possibly pre-Conquest otherwise. Monuments.

Manor House Wilmington House. Only 18th façade is left.


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