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Bedonwell Road

Bedonwell School 1936,

Baptist mission chapel late 19th

Belmont Road

Belmont Snooker Club,

27 Pheasant pub

125 Belmont House

Belmont Road Brickworks. 1897 for tiles and bricks

V2 attack February 1945 Erith Sanatorium left a total loss. 

Brook Street

31 Subsidence in the rear garden. Clare Cottages seven in a terrace built in 1885. A circular pit 2.0m in diameter and 3.8m deep in use as a soak-away for the rainwater run-off from the roofs of the Cottages. A large diameter earthenware pipe enters the side of the shaft and discharges a steady trickle of water. The bottom 2.0m of the shaft had originally been lined with rough brickwork, a portion of which has survived. The bricks were of a poor quality, probably 'wasters' from a local 19th century brickfield.  The shaft was dug by the Victorian builders of Clare Cottages as a deep soak-away with two adits to provide extra drainage area.

Carlton Road:

Refuse tip toxic,

Friary, Our Lady of the Angels,

Brooke Street

Erith Cemetery,

Duke of Northumberland,

Little Heath Road

Earl Haig. Brewers Tudor with military ephemera

Parsonage Road:

Site of Parsonage Farm,

Parsonage Manorway

Great Harry pub


South of Lessness Heath and Bedon stream area called Nuxley or Little Heath Built up from 1930s,

Stream Way

Bedon stream. This street borders an attractive area of open space around the stream, and further east it opens out into a parkland area with real rural atmosphere. A footpath leads down from Grosvenor Road to a bridge over the stream. This is the only place where the Bedon stream can be seen; from here it is culverted underground to the Thames at Corinthian Manorway.

Sussex Road

A workhouse was built here in 1806 and known locally as ‘Spike Island’. 


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