Dartford Heath

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Bath Road

25 a shaft appeared on 13th January 1927.   It had a single chamber and was 34 ft deep all told, but only 18 ft. to the top of the cone. another shaft appeared there in 1973

Dartford Heath

Hut circles, etc.


Woods of Crockenhill sandpit

The Dartford Warbler was discovered on the Heath by John Latham, a local doctor.

Shepherd's Lane

Kidd Dartford Brewer had a brick pit here

Chalk mine under Sullivan Close, mine entrance under the pavement on the corner, left side

Dandyroll Company

Donkin left Hall at the end of his articles and set up Dartford factory to make moulds for hand made paper, joined by Davis and apprentice Marshall who continued with the business after Donkin left, made paper rolls and Dandy Rolls for water marking machine made paper 


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