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Downderry Road

Steel houses built in 1920s by London County Council 


Residential area developed from the 1920s, named after Lord Downham, William Hayes Fisher,chairman of the London County Council from 1919-20. The estate was begun in 1924 on former farmland, and largely completed by 1930, though the section to the north of Whitefoot Lane was not completed until 1939. A cottage estate (over 7000 dwellings), with small groups and longer terraces, in traditional brick design, laid out along curving and intersecting roads. Laid out on a area previously known as Seven Fields. Roads are named after the old fields.

Downham Way

Winds its way through the estate. Here is the estate's main shopping centre

St Barnabas. A brick building by Sir Charles Nicholson of 1929. TInteresting features a include the old organ of 1854, which was originally in The Hall, Southend, was moved in 1922 to the old chapel at St Johns Southend, and was placed here in 1931 the original stone font, wooden pulpit, and painted reredos

St Barnabas Hall, brick also by Nicholson, 1926, used as the church before St Barnabas was built.

Downham Community Centre, was originally Downham Methodist Church of 1929, and became a community centre c1978; it is of plain harmony with the estate.                                             

Downham Fields, a oblong of grass on a sloping site which undulates and gives good views to the west.  Public open space on a gentle hill slope. Downham Estate was built on open land belonging to the old Shroffold's Farm whose name derives from an ancient manor in the area. herb-rich grassland, dominated by species such as common bent, Yorkshire fog and red fescue. The grassland is regularly mown by the Borough throughout spring and summer.

4 V2 attack 20th February 1945. 40 people lay injured. 

Downham Lifestyle Centre. Replacing Downham baths and library.

Downham Tavern.  Was in the Guiness Book of Records Britain’s biggest pub. LCC built it in 1930 to hold 1,000 customers. Demolished and became a petrol station.


1 V2 attack 20th February 1945. Just that day Clare Farrell, aged 26, and her three children, David, 6, Anthony, 5, and Elizabeth 3, had moved in. Now they were dead.

64-74 V2 attack 20th February 1945. A dozen people died

70, V2 attack 20th February 1945. Nellie French aged 41, and her children, Michael, 7, and Kenneth, 14 months, were also killed.

Moorside Road

Nubia Way, close of 13 self-build houses 1997, based on the Walter Segal concept and supervised by Jon Broome of Architect. The detached timber-framed houses in a staggered pattern, upper floors weather boarded in brown pine,    

Downham Woodland Walk, a linear park which runs through the estate, with fine mature trees.

Shroffields Road

For Shroffields Farm


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