New Eltham

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Chapel Farm Road

Coldharbour Leisure Centre.

Coldharbour Estate

Developed on the site of Coldharbour Farm. Built by the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich. Begun in 1948, with a garden-suburb layout around Wynford Way, and a later quite ambitious Shopping Centre with a seven-storey block of flats and a community centre of 1961. Opened by Aneurin Bevan and the Queen Mother unveiled a plaque when it was finished. It is cut in two by a major road, William Barefoot Drive, where the small shopping centre is located. The estate was planned as a 'garden suburb', and there are many  greens. From the open space at The Course there is a view towards Eltham and Shooters Hill, 

Colyer Close

Side of Edscers Nursery

The Course

Open space

Jason Walk

52 Farmhouse

Kingsley Wood Drive

Royal Eltham

Southwood Road

Glenwood, is old golf club house

St.Olave's school private 1932

75 & 94, also once schools Belmont and New Eltham Golf club,

Larchwood, Montbelle, Charldane and Felthampton roads on the course Theobald's Cottages

Southwood Recreation Ground.  Sports field surrounded by grass with a tiny steam on the edges.  Elm scrub but there is a damp patch and mature oaks.

Speke Hill

Site of Coldharbour Farm which is on maps of 1759 and was part of Eltham Great Park. Woolwich Council bought 155 acres from the Crown Commissioners in 1946.

William Barefoot Drive

Barefoot was a previous Mayor of Woolwich.

Witherston Way

Greenacres Primary School with a language impairment unit.

Wynford Way

Beginnings of Coldharbour Estate


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