Warley Common

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Post to the west Warley Road

Post to the north Brentwood Warley Hill

Post to the south Warley Gap

Warley Common.
Used for army camps from the 1740s with an important camp there in the late 18th.  In 1805 116 acres of common were sold to the War Office by George Winn, Lord of the Manor of Warley.
Ford Motor Co. European Central Offices on the site of Warley Barracks,.
Barracks built 1805 onwards and use until 1832 and were eventually then bought by the East India Company. They added more buildings and a chapel built in 1857. they were returned to the War Office when  the East India Company’s functions were taken over by the Crown.

Warley Hill
Christ church. The site was provided by the East India Company next to the barracks married quarters in response to the growth there. only the west tower is left. It looks like an ancient  monument but it was in fact built in 1855 by Teulon.  
School built on land given by the East India Company in 1854 with an addititon for infants in 1868.


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