West Byfleet

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Basingstoke canal,

open in 1794.  But no tolls through the Napoleonic wars.  Broke by 1866.  Last barge to Basingstoke in 1924 and Woking in 1949.  This stretch goes through the boggy valley of the Rive ditch,

Woodham Locks, 5 locks.  Last section to be restored footbridge 1988;

Scotland Road Bridge original brick arch canal; Bridge lock 3 lock keepers cottage

Camphill Road

Three cottages maintained here in the 18th for the poor

Sheerwater Court auctioned in 1881 and land between here and Old Avenue acquired by developers.

Higher density housing in small villas 1890s

Claremont Road

Higher density housing in small villas 1890s

Dartnell Park Road

The land here had been enclosed in 1806 from the heath but not used because of the damp  and poor soil.  The building here in the early 20th  was one of the more exclusive low density estates in the area.  In 1870s trees had been planted and it was called Dartnell’s wood after a previous owner.  Which was a selling point to aspirational future owners.

Station Approach

West Byfleet Station.  1887. Between Woking and Byfleet and New Haw

Shopping Centre.

Library. Trim

Station Road

Higher density housing in small villas 1890s


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