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Horton Hospital,

Horton Hospital. Built in 1902 and designed by George Thomas Hine  and on the same standard pattern as Bexley and Claybury. 1901, nearly a replica of Bexley, built as a mental hospital. Built during 1901-2 with 2,178 beds. 

Bricks – bricks made on site from the local clay –local gault clay for a whiteish brick.  Later bricks brought in on a special railway.

Horton Lane

West Farm. Forge was located at West Farm, but probably closed with the demise of the farm on the building of West Park Hospital. West Farm was one of the group bought by the LCC in 1888.

The Manor Hospital

Manor Hospital Transferred from Metropolitan Asylums Board to London County Council. Built as a mental hospital 1899 it was the first of the hospitals in the cluster and could house 1,292 patients.  It was originally Horton Manor Asylum for 700 women patients and there was also some temporary accommodation,  still in use 80 years later.  It was used as a military hospital in the First World War and in the Second World War it was used by the Emergency Medical Service – taking servicemen after Dunkirk and D Day.  Now closed


The Manor of Horton was separate from that of Epsom but it was also owned by Chertsey Abbey and also later by the Horton family.  Horton is said  to mean a ‘dirty or muddy farm’. After the dissolution of the monasteries the manor was held by a succession of wealthy families and was sold to the London County Council  in 1896 by the Fowell Buxtons.. the London County Council then built a series of hospitals here.

Horton Place. was a large building, surrounded by a moatHome of the Trotter family until 1881. Local MPs

Horton Place – the Horton Manor House – was the centre of the hospital and included in the administration block. Initally used for staff accommodation.

Roadblocks.  Numerous 3ft high concrete pyramids/Pirnpies' or ‘Dragon’s Teeth', together with four larger irregularly-shaped concrete blocks, in the grounds

Late bronze/early iron age settlement in this area,


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