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College Road

Previously Limekiln Lane

Epsom College,  founded as The Royal Medical Benevolent College by John Propert a Welsh surgeon,  1896.  for retired medical men, their widows and education for doctor’s sons.

Five lime kilns, operated by Epsom and Ewell Limeworks.  The site was used by saw mills for a time, and is now occupied by a heavy haulage company and an orthopedic clinic.#

East Street

Electrical Theatre Cinema. This was on the corner of Hook Road and East Street, and opened at the end of 1910 as The Electric Theatre, showing silent films with piano accompaniment until about 1923-24. It reopened in 1926, and continued as the Pavilion Theatre, presenting stage productions until closure in 1929. The building was partially destroyed by fire, was partly used as a cafe, and survived the Second World War and was demolished in 1953.

Artesian well sunk in 1853.



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