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Chobham Road

Ottershaw Park.  The mansion house dates from 1770, but was much enlarged and remodelled in 1910 for Baron Friedrick Eckstein.   Since the Second World War it has been used as a boarding school and was for sale in 1982. The house is enormous. It comprises 62,000 square feet spread over no less than seven floors..   From the impressive rooms on the ground floor you descend to a basement level  with the usual kitchen quarters which ramble on for ever, even extending under a large terrace to the south.  Then below this basement is a lower level, mostly unlit, of dank rooms, from which a tunnel runs to the north with three chambers from it.   It exits in a dell in the grounds. The tunnel dates from the original 1770 house, probably for servant access, and is still in good condition.

Dairy by Wyatt, gimcrack, demolished


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