Lullingstone - Home Wood, Beechen Wood

Home Wood - This is a coppice and the trees are pollarded for a harvest.  First mentioned in 1766. actively managed sweet chestnut coppice. There are extensive areas of 'unimproved' chalk grassland particularly on the steeper slopes. spring/summer vetches, cowslip, pyramidal orchid, bee orchid; birds - kingfisher, heron, woodpeckers, warblers; dragonflies and damselfly

Lower Beechen Wood.  Banks and ditches are part of a Deer Fence and also the Parish boundary.  19th fence and wicket gate remain. Deer fence of 5 miles and higher than a deer jump.

Upper Beechen Wood. Oak Pollards..  700 year old oaks date from the start of the Park in the late 13th. Originally they stood in the open and were pollarded for timber. 


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