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Leigh Hill
Leigh is pronounced ‘Lay’  locally and probably means a woodland clearing.
Saxon settlement in the area was called Getinges and noted as this by Chertsey Abbey in 675.  It became corrupted to 'Etynge in parochial de Cavenham' and 'Yeatinge Fearne' – now Eaton.  A Saxon spear was discovered in 1926.   The Cobham estate was given to Chertsey Abbey in 672. 

Leigh Court.  Small gravel pit with a bronze age burial.
Appletons. Large house now demolished.  In the driveway were gravel pits which were indications of a Bronze Age settlement.   Weaving tools and other implements were also found.
Leigh Hill Farm.  Owned by the Bennett family since 18th but they sold it in the 1880s.

Portsmouth Road
Tartar Hill.  Tartar was originally the Ship Inn which changed its name in the 1790s when HMS Tartar became famous.
Anti aircraft guns were on the 'Gun Site'. 

Fairmile Cottage. Invicta Cars started by Noel Macklin.  Later he started Fairmile Engineering which imported Chassis from the USA.  The firm made Railton car-using chassis delivered from Chiswick and bodywork made in Ealing and Hanwell  in 1930s.  In the 1930s Railton Motors was sold to the US Hudson Motors and the works made Fairmile motor gunboats. Later taken over by the Ministry of Defence. Presented with the bell from HMS Cobham.


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