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Basingstoke Canal

This stretch goes through the boggy valley of the Rive ditch.  The rise from New Haw to Brookwood was 90 feet and there are six locks in the stretch through Woodham and a commercial wharf


Part of the estate of the Abbey of Chertsey.  Within the bounds of the Royal Forest of Windsor.  In the 13th released forest land allowed small holders to develop plots – just about profitable enough to support a small family.  It was owned jointly with Pyrford and Horsell as a sort of added extra through the Middle Ages.  It was owned by Edward the Confessor by the mid 10th it was with Westminster Abbey and taken by the Crown at the Dissolution.  It went through various owners until 1805.

Woodham Lane

Small bits of Common land for the poor were kept here after enclosure – poor land and remote from housing.  The road was improved and widened following enclosure.


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