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Boundary markers

On Walton/Weybridge boundary


Lyons. 1963 excellent and ungimmicky

Oatlands Avenue

Letter box

Oatlands Park,

Nineteenth century mansion hotel on the site of Oatlands Park. The park was built for Henry VIII and included a large park. Elizabeth used there. and it was the home if Queen Henrietta Maria.  It was destroyed in Civil War. There is a Tudor archway left. Inigo Jones inspired garden, cedars, and mulberry trees planted by Charles I. Avant garde gardening. Owned by the Earl of Lincoln in 1716 and he built another house on the higher ground, where there was much 17th century fashionable society. It has been a hotel since 1828. There was a grotto in the grounds, which was built by the Duke of Newcastle as a card room, demolished 1948.  Bath. With a statue of Venus and steps made of horses' teeth from the Battle of Waterloo. The Duchess of York’s pet cemetery. Cedars in the grounds and sign to say that they were the first Cedars of Lebanon planted by Prince Henry - Not likely to be true. Royal vineyard.

Oatlands School,

Statue of Mrs. Stephens

Queen's Road

Odeon Cinema now RC church


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