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Swanley Village Road

Highland Cottage, denehole .
After heavy rain at the beginning of June 1979 a subsidence occurred in the rear garden. A small hole of less than 1.0m in diameter had appeared in the turf, which was undermined by a vertical cavity roughly oval in shape. The cavity was 2,5n by 3.5m in the Thanet Sand which overlies the chalk in this area. The depth was 4-.8m to the Bull Head Flints that mark the junction of the Thanet Sand and the chalk. The total attainable depth was found to be 5.6m. On a magnetic bearing of 189 degrees the remains of the end of a chamber was found, l.0a long and 1.05m wide, with only 0.03m of cave space remaining. From the little evidence available it would seem probable that this was the remains of a shallow three chambered chalkwell with the other two chambers buried under the collapsed shaft. Site now filled.


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