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Post to the north South Lambeth Vauxhall

Post to the east Lambeth - Myatts Fields

Post to the south Brixton

Post to the west - Battersea Wandsworth Road

Binfield Road

Stockwell Bus Garage. Boldly functional By Adie Button & Partners, with Thomas Bilbow, architect to London Transport Executive.  Engineer A.E.Beer and contactors Wilson Lovatt & sons. 1950-4. A monumental home for 200 buses below a reinforced concrete shell roof on nine arches of considerable span c. 73,000 sq. ft of uninterrupted garaging and completely unobstructed circulating area. 9 bays. This was needed as trams were replaced by buses in the 1950s. Clear floor area of 73,350 space b y using two hinged reinforced concrete ribs. Spanning 194 ft the ribs increase in depth as they reach the ground.  Arched vaults span the spaces between the ribs and include roof lights. Brought into use in April 1952.  Listed Grade II.
Gents Underground public convenience in centre of road. Gents' section had two banks of urinals with granite and glass 'fish tank' cisterns.

Bromgrove Road?

Burnley Road
18 Violette Szabo.

Clapham Road
Mursell Estate 1962-6 section leaders Follet and Chapman, Also contains a tower block, and old peoples home.  Two storey terraces 
238-246, attributed to Gandy Demolished:
282- 298 274 Beulah House
St Bede. Social and Sports Club for the Deaf. 1924 by E. Maufe. Small, brick, with some free Gothic detail
Studley Estate, quite generously laid out blocks of mixed heights, with one eleven- storey Y-plan tower and shops along Clapham Road;
159-145 Former printing works which from 1956 was the HQ of Freeman's Mail Order firm, founded c.1911
167 skilfully converted to offices, with a new back extension, by Rock Townsend in 1974-5
Stockwell Terrace, 1843, stucco-trimmed, on the edge of what was Stockwell Common.
2 Foster Place SM gas testing
363/5  HQ of Clapham Motor Garage and Repair Co. 1934/45 London Depot of Transport Equipment Thornycroft, Ltd. Filling station in l977 old private buses used the garage behind it, was a commercial vehicle garage, services and garage private buses in the 20s.
40 YMCA 1905. Large.
Centre and Lunch Club. 
145-l89 169 turned into offices.
15-19 Venn Road Surrey Hotel Cendry 1920s.
189 Stockwell Service Station private bus garage in the 1920s
Old Peoples Home
St.John the Evangelist. simple brick box l842 
Stockwell Station. 18th December 1890. Between Oval and Clapham North on the Northern Line. Between Vauxhall and Brixton on the Victoria Line. Built by the  City and South London Railway. The original station was north of the present platforms.  It was opened by the Prince of Wales and had been built on duchy land. The domed station was approached through wrought iron gates with a garden.  In  1900 it was extended south to Clapham. In 1924 it was closed and resited because of the further extension to the south.  The surface buildings were, topped by a large decorative dome inside which were guide wheels for hydraulic lifts.  In the Second World War below the station were shelters built in two parallel tunnels which were split horizontally into upper and lower levels, with medical posts, lavatories, and ventilation and a total capacity was around 1,600 people. Access was via entrance shafts one of which is now at the junction and the other on Studley Road. It was built so that it could be part of an express railway in the future and after the war it was used to billet military personnel. its present use is unknown. In 1971 the Victoria Line opened and the 1920s surface buildings were demolished and replaced by a structure dominated by a ventilation shaft.  The station was opened on 23rd July 1971.
Generating station built for City and Southwark Railway 1890s largest generating station in the world then.  was closed in 1915.
Hydraulic Pumping Station
Depot.north of the station is a branch tunnel which led to a generating station, depot and workshop at the junction of Stockwell and Clapham Roads. rolling stock was pulled to the surface using a winch and after 1907 by a hydraulic lift. In the 1920s it was used as a working site  and then the tunnel and lift shaft were plugged and blocks of flats were built on the site by the LCC. These flats still stand together with one retaining wall of the depot.
Presbyterian Church, 1862 by Habershon & Pit. 

Courland Grove
Baptist Church, 1840. 

Forest Road
South Lambeth Estate 1938 L.C.C. housing

Grantham Road
three towers completed in 1969. Wates system, design by Lambeth Architects Department, 

Old People's Home. c. 1975


Guildford Road
St.Barnabas l848/5 

Hackford Road 
87, Vincent Van Gogh. 1853-1890. Van Gogh lived here, whilst working at the London branch of his brother's art gallery in Southampton Street. 

Landsdowne Way
Stucco trimmed houses

Surrey Hall a Lambeth community centre of 1971 
One of Lambeth's tower blocks built of precast panels. Wates system. design by Lambeth Architects Department, 
83 Priory Arms. Genuine free house

Lansdowne Gardens
1843/50 tiny circus.

Larkhall Lane
St.Francis de Sales & St.Gertrude. R.C. 1902—3 by F. W. Tasker; Park pleasant new
Stucco trimmed houses
Agreeable low brick borough housing of c. 1982
Larkhall Tavern. 

Levehurst Way
Preserves the name of the old manor of ‘Leferst’ 1219, ‘Lejhirst’ 1286, ‘Levehirst’ 1453, ‘Levehurste’ 1544, that is "wooded hill of a man called Leofa', from an Old English personal  name and Old English ‘hyrst’.

Lorn Road

Paradise Road
1925 private bus garage, cottage for ten women garage and pump, had been a laundry business and then Studeley Garage which name was kept buses and taxis, Liberty Bus work like taxi and then other buses in a very normal kind of fleet. Sold to Public in l927 and premises became a Public garage, then Harris bought it back and used the premises as a coach service station, Then garage until bought by L.C.C. and used as housing in the 1950s.

Portland Grove
LCC Estate 1964 including renovation of 18th houses. 

South Lambeth Road
Spurgeon Estate 1963-7 by S Follett. 345 dwellings including a tower block..

St.Michael's Road
Board pumping station main engine house and chimney, three diesel pumps
Duchy of Cornwall flats by De Soissons 1937.

1188 Stokewell stream and footbridge made of a tree trunk, village until the 1860s. Names ‘Stokewell’ 1197, ‘Stocwelie’ 1225, ‘Stokwell’ 1247, ‘Stockewell’ 1294, that is 'spring or stream by a tree stump', from Old English ‘stocc’ and ‘wella’. Stockwell was still a small rural village until the early 19th century.
Classic Cinema operated as a Tatler Club - the booking policy was to screen uncensored films for the discerning cinemagoer. The most ardent of members was a young man, aged about 30, who had spent two thirds of his life in an iron lung and paid regular weekly visit and a row of seats near a front stalls exit were removed so that the large life-support machine could be accommodated.

Stockwell Crescent

Stockwell Green
The old village centre, is now a built-up triangle, but some good houses remain
Behind Old Queens Head London Southern Tramways Dept and stables 1882.
1 Educational Institute, 1848. careful Jacobean façade.. derelict in 1980s
Sanitas House, built for a wine- bottling firm, 1964-8 by Tripe & Wakeham. on the top floor three roof gardens.
St.Andrew Oldest building l767.
United Reformed Church,. Mostly an enlargement of 1850 by James Wilson of a chapel founded in 1798. Stucco front with Ionic pilasters and pediment, set back from the road, with a projecting wing

Stockwell Park

Stockwell Park Crescent

Stockwell Park Road
St.Michael 1841 Commissioners type By W. Rogers. original main entrance was from Stockwell Park Crescent. 
Home in l927 of Mrs. Blanch Pinch who ran her own bus routes, crippled. her husband was traffic manager. Two buses at the side of the house and a petrol pump
A pleasant enclave of restrained stucco villas and terraces of the 1830s onward.

Stockwell Road
Stockwell Garden Estate L.C.C., 1945 and 1953-65. Cassell House .

King Georges House YMCA 1905 by A. T. Bolton, 
Congregational church l788.
Queens Head in Stockwell left is original and contemporary with Queens Row.
103/5  part of premises of  Pride & Clarke, car dealers. At rear, alongside Bromgrove  Road., is former depot of London Parcels Delivery  - presumably ramp led to first floor  stables. NFI on rest of site.  
207 Astoria opened 1929. Designed in Spanish style by Edward Store for Paramount. Closed 1975.
Stockwell Terrace
1843 was on the edge of Stockwell Common
Studeley Estate to the West towers, old peoples home ok.


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